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NEW DBZ TTT MOD+ MENU Original Anime Texture (Download Link)

New DBZ games
Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team
Hello Friends, I am back and today here I am bring a new DBZ TTT MOD ( Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team ) game for android and PC PSP emulator. In this ISO you will see full anime graphics and new anime style characters of Dragon Ball Super with new attacks.

About Game

Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team is a 3D fighting game but in this ISO characters texture is converted in anime style. You can see new menu of the ISO and the game will look like Fighter Z also with different attacks of each character also they has different move sets. In this game you can do potera fusion and fusion dance between Goku, Vegeta and Goten and Trunks.

All The Options In DBZ TTT MOD ISO

1. Dragon Walker

This DBZ TTT Mod based on Dragon Ball Z Saiyan saga to Buu saga all stories, fights, ends, Fusions, Fails, win etc. Just all about DBZ real anime story. In the words to say you can watch whole DBZ just by completing this Dragon Walker Mod.

2. Battel Selection

This Mod divided in two parts. The first is 100 Battel and second is Survival. There is 100 characters fixed to fight with you till the end and they will become more strong, stronger and strongest as you completing the battel and go more further then at the end. You will face Gogeta and Vegito as your strongest enemy. It has 100 round then Survival Mod is end after completing 100th battel.

3 Multiplayer

You can play multiplayer battel with your friends without any internet connection via wife. You can play free battel and survival mod with your friends thought multiplayer.

How To Download And Play DBZ TTT MOD

  1. First of all download PPSSPP emulator latest version from Playstore.
  2. Then download the ISO. Link is given below.
  3. If the file format is Rar, 7z and Zip. so you have to extract the file with RAR, 7zipper App. ( Use Anyone. )
  4. Then choose ISO file in PSP emulator and start play.



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