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Dragon Ball Z Game Legendary Z Warriors Mugen Style Apk For Android Download

Legendary z Warriors APK Download
Hello friends, today I have brought an awesome Mugen style dragon Ball z game for android namely Legendary Z Warriors. It's an amazing game that can be run on any type of Android device, it has no requirements to run. So let's know more about this game.
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About Game

Dragon Ball Z game Legendary Z Warriors is 2D pixel fighting game and his graphics, like fighting styles,  combos, and power attacks is look like Mugen game style. This game was released in approximately 2018. Friends, this game control is very easy to use because all controls have a logo to identify each features. In this game you will see Goku Super Saiyan and Blue, Vegeta Super Saiyan and Blue, Vegito Blue, Black Goku Rose, Fusion Zamasu, Cell, Buu, Teen Gohan Super Saiyan 2, Ultimate Gahan, Golden Frieza, Xeno Goku Super Saiyan 4.

Game Features

In this Legendary Z Warriors Game has many options to play this game in a different way, fight in a different and win in a day different way and for different rewards. The first option is:

Versus Battle

This is to just for fun. As we all know that every fighting game has an option of free battle mod so that's exactly what is it. To enjoy this versus free battle mod, you have to unlock all characters within the game. There is only one character in the game that will be given unlock already to play the game and the rest characters are locked and bounded by the coins. Now let's know that how we can collect the coins to unlock all the characters and to discuss this, let's go for next Option of the game.

Tournament Mod

This is to collect the coins and also there is no need to unlock more characters to play the tournament mod. All the opponents are already unlocked within the tournament mod. Unlike versus Battle mod, you don't need to unlock your enemies in tournament mod. Just choose your already unlocked character and start playing tournament with over 10 fighters. If you able to beat them all then you can collect 2000 coins.

Challenges mod

In the challenges mod there are approximately 30 fighters that are the way stronger than you and you have to win the battle over them and then you can get 300 to 500 coins for winning each battle and further you can unlock more characters to defeat more fighters in challenges mod. However, the price of each character different according to their powers and capabilities so you must not to think that I will unlock only the Strongest and the most of expensive characters because if you are going to do this then you can't collect much coins with your already unlocked weak character. You have to go further step by step for full enjoyment of this game. There are Goku with super Saiyan god and blue forms, beerus, Zamasu, trunks SSJ rage etc. Powerful characters within the game.

Boss Mod

Their are approx 20 main villans of dragon ball z & super mixed within the boss mod and by defeating each boss you will get around 600 coins.

Training mod

You must play the training mod first before playing above-mentioned all mods. Firstly you need to properly ready yourself to fight the strongest characters in different different Options. There are many moves in the game that you must learn before going for a real fight in challenges and boss mods. You can perform instant transmission, special and ultimate attacks such as Kamehameha ha, final flash, spirit bomb and self explosion etc., Combo attacks and firings. If you learn all things then you are ready to complete and enjoy this game.

So friends, this is all information about this game and I hope you understand what is have in this game. If you are interested in this game so you can download this game. Download link is given below.

Click Here To Download


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