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Dragon Ball Z Pocket Mugen Game for Android

Pocket z Warriors Mugen Apk Download

Dragon Ball Z Game Pocket Warriors Mugen Apk

Hello friends, A new update of Dragon Ball Z Pocket Mugen warriors has been released in August 2019 that contains so many new graphics, attacks, auras and characters. This game is perfect well made by the developer that almost looks like an original Mugen dragon ball Z of PC. So keep reading to know all about this game.
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Game Features

  • Arcade Mod - In which there are 10 pre fixed fights are ready for you to win. You have the opportunity to choose you favorite fighter in case they are all unlocked. Other wise you have to unlock other characters to choose them ( the simple rules of the game ). Arcade is the only best option to collect the coins faster and unlock all of the characters. The best thing is that in the arcade mod your opponent will be those characters which are not unlocked yet by you and also those which are already unlocked means you can see all of the locked characters without unlocking them.

  • Versus Mod - In which you have the opportunity to choose you opponent along with your favorite Fighter. This is just for entertainment and nothing. You can't collect much coins faster with this option. This is for when you have nothing to do with the game.
  • Tournament Mod - this is also a great opportunity to pass the extra time easily and collect the coins faster than any other options. And by being a tournament mod, it's also very entertaining to play for any player. In the tournament, there are many many characters that will fight with you in the tournament mod and it's much harder than any other options with in the game.
  • Training - so as you all know and the as always the instructions is that play this option before playing any other options.

  • Characters - The characters are some how looks hybrid, means the faces of the characters are looks like Goku but clothes of that character is taken from Vegeta and the same goes for all characters. Every characters has two special attacks to win the battle faster. The characters can perform the attacks like Kamehameha ha, final flash, big bang attack etc.
  • Gameplay - During the gameplay, you can jump, you can fastly run, you can block the attacks, you can perform super and ultimate attacks, you can do normal firings, you can charge your ki, you can do combo attacks.
Additional information
  • Android:- 5.1 to 8.0
  • RAM:- 1GB to 4GB
  • Internal Memory:- 8GB to 32 GB
  • Processor:- 1.3GHz
  • Apk Size:- 68 MB

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