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Dragon Ball Fighter Z For Android Only 95MB

Offline fighter Z Android
Dragon Ball fighter Z Android
Dragon Ball Fighter Z Mobile For Android

Hello Friends, as you all know that dragon ball Fighter Z is a PC game and can't be played on any Android devices and I know that many of you want to play this 2D fighting game on your Android So that's why A new Dragon Ball Fighter Z Mod for Android has been released within 100 MB. Actually it's a Dragon ball Z tap battle and a modder of this game made it looks like Real Fighter Z.

Game Features

  1. Dragon Ball Fighter Z Android Offline
  2. DBZ tap battle mod apk
  3. Dragon Ball Tap Battle Fighter Z
  4. New model of fighter Z mod

As you can see in the above screenshot that the menu of dragon Ball Z Tap battle is now completely switched to dragon ball Fighter Z. The selection of the characters is also as same as the real fighter Z Game but I can't show you that here as it's a post not a video but you will see that too after downloading this game. The characters menu is also the same fighter Z as shown in the above image. There are goku, krillin, trunks, piccolo etc. And more characters in the fighter z style.

About Characters 

  • Broly - there is a funny editing in the broly but thats too entertaining and believe me you will enjoy the game more by playing with Broly. The funny thing about Broly is that when you will stand and doing nothing then you have Broly but when you begin to fight then Broly will switch to bardock automatically and then you will have bardock that is fighting the battle. Attacks are mixture of Broly and bardock.

  • Goku - as you can see in the above screenshot. This mod has Goku super Saiyan of Dragon ball Fighter Z. All he moves and attacks are Almost looks as same as real fighter Z.
  • Trunks - Trunks is more perfect characters than Goku super Saiyan. There are few points where Goku is not perfect in the game but trunks is 100% the best of all characters. There is no point left in terms of Trunks. All the attacks and moves are pure Fighter Z looking.

  • Cell - Cell is also a Fighter Z mod characters in this game with fighter z Movesets and Textures. However, cell is not as perfect as trunks, in fact there is no characters that can compete with trunks in this game. Cell also has some less editing where doesn't tend to appear as a fighter Z characters.
  • Frieza - Frieza is also almost as same as cell in terms of Fighter Z Editing. When frieza is standing and doing nothing then it's a fighter Z texture but when you start to fight then he will be a tap battle texture not a fighter Z anymore.

  • Android 21 - Android 21 is also a funny characters as broly because when she is just standing then she is Android 21 but when you begin to battle then she will become frieza and attacks and moves are also as same as original frieza. In a sense, it's just the texture of Android 21 otherwise its totally Frieza Himself.

Requirements of Dragon ball Fighter Z Mobile

  • Android :- 6.0
  • RAM :- 2GB
  • Internal memory :- 16GB
  • Apk Size :- 95MB
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