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Dragon Ball Z Game Sparking Tap Battle MOD For Android

Tap Battle MOD
Dragon Ball Z Sparking

Dragon Ball Z Sparking Tap Battle MOD

Hello Friends, today I have brought a new dragon ball game tap battle game with dragon Ball legends graphics and character's voice effects. In this tap battle mod you will see a new style of menu that is copied from the dragon ball legends. There are many new characters in this mod with new power up aura and attacks. As I know that dragon ball legends can't be install on smaller versions of Android and also dragon ball legends is an online so many of you are unable to play db legends on your Android for some reasons. That's why I am here with this new mod of dbz game tap battle. You will enjoy playing it however I can not give you the original experience of playing db legends but it's better to have something than having nothing.

Game Features

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So as you can see in the above screenshot that the menu of old DBZ tap battle is now completely converted into the new dragon ball legends style in which you can see Goku on the middle, Vegeta at the left side and raditz at the right side of the goku. There are also changes in the look of options like Arcade, Versus, shop, Record, training and config as you can see in the image. The whole background is also changed.

So now take a look at inner menu of Characters selection in which you can see that every text in above image is in db legends style. Such as see "character selection" and "Goku SSJ" texts. The background of this characters menu changes automatically in every 5 seconds that will give you an awesome experience of choosing character. The Goku which is standing on the capsule is the real Texture that you will going to see during the gameplay.

About Characters

  • New Goku - This mod has a new Goku with Kaioken effect and Kaioken Kamehameha ha as his special attack with dragon Ball legends voice. The dialogues of db legends have been added in this game.
  • Vegeta Scouter - Vegeta scouter has Oozaru transformation during his one special attack. This is the first you will see a Transformation in the DBZ tap battle. If you are old player of DBZ tap battle then you may know that tap battle doesn't supports transformation but this mod has transformation.

Additional information

  • Game Name :- Dragon Ball Z Sparking Tap Battle
  • Game Size :- 214MB
  • Android :- 5.1
  • RAM :- 3GB
  • Internal Memory:- 32GB
  • Password for Extract :- Rohko_Sparking

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