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New Anime Mugen APK For Android With 110 Characters

New Fairy Tail Vs One Piece Anime Mugen APK

Hello Friends, today I have brought for you New Anime Mugen APK Fairy Tail Vs One Piece for Android with 110 Characters. This Mugen in APK format so friends you not need to do anything only install on your Android phone and start playing. Friends if you want to know more information about this game so please read this post completely.
Mugen APK for Android Download
Anime Mugen APK Download
Friends This is front page of this Mugen Game. In this screenshot you are seeing the game front page are changed and here Bleach Vs Naruto's place Fairy Vs One Piece is grounded. Friends this is fully makes like Mugen Style and his all attakcs and fighting style fully like Mugen games.

Game Features

In this Mugen Game have 3 option to play. First Acrade Mod in this option you can play like survival Styel and you need to only select your favorite character and start playing. Second option is Vs CPU. in this option you can play one Vs one battle and here you can do only one fight. Third option is Training, in this option you already know here you can do practice with your favorite characters.

About Character

Friends in this Mugen you will see 110 characters of Fairly and One Piece and Naruto and more other Anime. In this Mugen have only Gohan form Dragon Ball Z Anime. I will tell you my main character which you will see Gohan, Naruto all forms and Luffy. Friends in this Mugen you will See New Attakcs of all characters.
Naruto games
Naruto Mugen APK Download

Additional Information

  • Game Name :- Fairly Tail Vs One Piece
  • Size :- 600MB
  • Graphics :- Pixel
  • Game Type :- Fighting
  • Android :- 5.1 to 7.0
  • RAM :- 4GB
  • Internal Memory :- 32 GB
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