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Super Anime Crossover Mugen Apk New Android Fighting Game

Anime Crossover Mugen Apk

Hello Friends today I have brought for you Android Fighting Game Namely Anime Crossover Mugen Apk. This is a Mugen Game and you can install it on your Android phone without any Emulator. This is a Best Android Fighting Game because in this Game you will see all famous Animes Characters like a Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, One Piece and One Punch Man. You will also see more Animes Characters but I don't know about it. So let's know more Features.
  1. Anime Mugen APK for Android
  2. Jump Force Mugen APK for Android
  3. Dragon Ball Z Vs Naruto Mugen APK

About Game Features

Anime Crossover Mugen provide you 50 Characters for play and all Characters already Unlock. This is best thing about this game. You don't need to complete this Game for Unlocking Characters because in this game not have any Story Mode Gameplay. In this Anime Mugen Game you will see 3 Options for Play so let's know about it.
  • Team Play Mode :- in this option you will get 2 more options for play Namely Team Arcade Mode and Team Vs CPU Mode. In Arcade Mode you will create a team and doing Battles with random team. Vs CPU Mode you will create your and your opponent team then you will do battle with CPU.
  • Single Play Mode :- in this single Play Mode you will see 2 more options namley Single Arcade Mode and Single Vs CPU Mode. In Single Arcade Mode you will select you character then do Battles with Random Characters. In Single Vs CPU Mode you can select your character and your opponent then you will do battle with CPU.
  • Traning Mode :- In this option you can check your fighting skills and improve them for make you strongest Fighter. Here you can learn how you can play this game easily.

About Gameplay

You can move characters and Jump. You can run Ki Blast, Normal Attack, Super Attack and Unlimited Attack just clicking One Button. All Characters have your own original attacks like Anime style. You can run combos. Amazing attacks animations fully like Mugen Game. You see different types of Battles Maps.

Additional information

  • Game :- Super Mugen Crossover
  • Size :- 295 MB
  • Released On :  Years 2020
  • Android :- 5.1
  • RAM :- 3GB
  • Processor :- 1.3Ghz

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