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Attack On Titan AOT Mobile Survival Game For Android Download

Survival Game Attack On Titan AOT Mobile

Hello friends Today I have brought for you new Anime game namely Attack On Titan for Android. This new fan made game of Anime Attack on Titan. It's beta version apk and you will see only some features. If you want to know about this game so please read this post completely.
Attack On Titan Mobile Apk Download
Attack On Titan For Android Game
Attack On Titan AOT Mobile For Android
Attack On Titan Multiplayer Mobile game

About Game

Attack on Titan mobile is a 3D Action Game For Android. You have to save city's from Giant Zombies Titans. Giant Zombies Titans destroy all citizens and City's. You have some technology gadgets which you can use to defeat all Zombies like you can fly, Fast Running and 2 Swords. Attack on Titan based on Anime Attack on Titan. In this game you will see 3D graphics which you can movie all sides. 2 weapons like Sword, Blades. Character can run fast, move by rope and Flying by Jetpacks and you also go any where by horse riding. Attack on Titan Survival mobile give you 3 Play mode options so let's know about it.

Play Features

  • Play Offline:- in this mod you will see 3 type Play mode, first Waves Mode, Expedition Mode and X Missions. Waves mode works by Waves, each wave is spawned more and more Titans different types inside the Wall. In Expedition Mode you will have to explore the Titans by map and kill the maximum. In X Missions Mode you have search all Titans and save Citizens.
  • Multiplayer Mode:- You can kill all Titans with your friends all over word. Select you country and start play Multiplayer.

About Characters

You will see only 4 Characters namely Eren, Armin, Mikasa and Levi. Only Eren unlocked and other characters is locked, you have play this game and kill Titans for collect coins to unlock characters. Every Characters have different type of Attack and skills.

Additional Information

  • Game Name:- Attack on Titan AOT Fanmade Mobile.
  • Size:- 110 MB
  • Devloper:- Julhiecio GameDev
  • Genre:- Action
  • Online/ Offline:- Offline
  • Android:- 5.1
  • RAM:- 2G
  • Processor:- Octa-Core
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