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Dragon Ball GT DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod PPSSPP ISO DOWNLOAD


Dragon ball gt dbz tenkaichi tag team mod psp iso download is an incredible fan-made mod of tenkaichi 3 on the psp. It is compatible with both the psp and psp gold, and takes priority over the original game. The graphics of the game are improved, as well as its engine. There are also new features like characters that never appeared in the official release of tenkaichi 3. This mod is an enormous improvement in all aspects, making it one of the best games on your device.

Dragon Ball GT - DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team has its own weapons, moves, and custom characters (as well as many of the original DBGT characters) - BOWIE! Beowulf! Kitton! Kame-sennin and more. You can play this game on Android by using psp Emulator. If you want to to know more about this DBZ TTT MOD so please read this post completely.
Dragon Ball GT DBZ TTT MOD Download
Dragon Ball GT Goku and Vegeta all Forms
Dragon Ball GT Gogeta And Vegito Fusion
DBZ TTT MOD Download Mediafire Link
Dragon Ball GT PPSSPP ISO Download

About Game

DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod is 3D fighting game for PlayStation Portable. Today you will see New DBZ TTT MOD With all Dragon Ball GT characters because it's specially based on Dragon Ball GT series mod. The Story mode of game is based on Dragon Ball Z. This is the version of the game that contains all of the characters, stages and music from both Dragon Ball GT and DBZ. You can play through Dragon Ball GT - DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team as a single player or with 2 players in co-op. You can choose from many different characters.

About Characters

  • Goku and Vegeta all Forms Base to SSJ5. Super Saiyan 5 is new form added in the game with amazing attacks. 
  • Gohan and Trunks base to SSJ4. 
  • Pan base to Super Saiyan. 
  • Gogeta and Vegito GT with all Forms base to SSJ4 and Gogeta have new Super Saiyan 5 Form.
  • Omega Shenron
  • DBZ Broly Base to SSJ3 and SSJ5. 
  • Android 17 Fusion character.
  • Baby Vegeta all Forms
  • Beerus God of Destruction.

How To Install DBZ TTT MOD PSP ISO on Android

Guys, these are the simple procedures for installing the iso file on your Android phone or tablet successfully. Please take the time to read it carefully and fill out the application.
  1. PSP Emulator must be downloaded first.
  2. Afterwards, download the ISO file. (Another link is provided below.)
  3. You will next need to install a PSP emulator, choose the ISO file, and press the Play button.
  4. It's important to off Fast Memory Unstable in the PSP system options if you're having problems with crashes.

Additional Information

  • Game Name :- Dragon Ball GT TTT Mod PSP
  • Game Size :- 1.3GB
  • MENU Permanent :- No
  • File type:- ISO
  • Genre:- Fighting
  • Graphics :- 3D Game
  • Android :- 6.0
  • RAM :- 3GB
  • Internal :- 32GB
  • Processor :- Octa Core
  • Crashing Problem :- 10%

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