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Dragon Ball Z TTT My Universe PPSSPP ISO Download With New Texture

 DBZ TTT MOD My Universe With New Texture

Greetings, Companions! I've just released a new DBZ TTT MOD with Anime Graphics today. You will see all of the character models and battle maps from the original anime in this normal DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team PPSSPP ISO. You can expect new attacks in the next update of this mod because it's BETA DBZ TTT MOD with Anime Texture. Android and iOS mobile devices running PPSSPP Emulator can run this DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod. Please read this entire post if you want to learn more about this game.
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DBZ TTT MOD Download

About Game

Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod is a 3D fighting game for PlayStation Portable. The PlayStation Portable now has a Tenkaichi game for the first time. PS Network users can try out the new feature for themselves starting today, October 19. Dr. Gero, Krillin, and Android 19 were all playable characters in the game.

A new cast of characters from Dragon Ball Z Kai appears for the first time in a Tenkaichi game in Tenkaichi Tag Team: Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball.

2 vs 2 and 2 vs 2 are also featured in this game, making it the first Tenkaichi game to include those battles in addition to the standard 1 vs 1.

DBZ Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod Features

  • 70 characters that can be reimagined in any manner.
  • There are a total of ten distinct stages.
  • The creation of a character's personality.
  • The voice of Kai as he appears in Dragon Ball Z.
  • Combo systems are difficult to understand.
  • When it comes to one-on-one, two-on-two, and three-on-three combat
  • The PlayStation Portable is the only way to get the full Tenkaichi experience.
  • Fights with a lot of heft.
  • There is also a Blow and a Shot Exchange.
  • In-game transformations are possible.
  • Super Blasts and combat moves are available to all characters.
  • Dragon Walker, Battle 100, and Survival are the three game modes.

Gameplay of Dragon Ball Z TTT MOD

There are many similarities between this game and DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi Tag Team. Dragon Walker, Battle 100, and Survival Mode all have "Ad-Hoc" modes that allow players to form teams to face off against each other in memorable battles. In the game, players can engage in team attacks. A variety of modes and Ad-Hoc Party mode are included in the game's roster of 70 characters. There are no Japanese voice actors in this game. The English voice actors in Dragon Ball Z Kai are in place of the Funimation dub actors from previous Dragon Ball Z games.

New Characters

  • Dragon Ball Super Goku Mastered Ultra Instinct.
  • Dragon Ball Super Manga Vegeta Ultra Ego.
  • Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Final Gohan and more other characters like Orange Piccolo, Cell Max, Gamma 1, 2 and Gotten and Trunks.
  • DBS Movie Broly all forms.
  • DBS Gogeta and Vegito Blue.
  • Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power Characters like Jiren, Toppo, Kale, Kefla, and more.

How To Download And Install DBZ TTT MOD PPSSPP ISO

Guys this is the easy instructions to install the iso successfully on your android device. Please read it carefully and apply.
  • First of all download PSP emulator from Playstore.
  • Then Download ISO file. (Link is given below)
  • Then Install PSP emulator and select ISO file in PSP emulator and Start Play.
  • If you facing crashing problem so go to PSP system settings and OFF Fast Memory Unstable and on internet connection.

Additional Information

  • Game Name :- DBZ TTT MOD PPSSPP
  • Game Size :- 600MB
  • MENU Permanent :- Yes
  • File type:- ISO
  • Genre:- Fighting
  • Graphics :- 3D Game
  • Android :- 6.0
  • RAM :- 3GB
  • Internal :- 32GB
  • Processor :- Octa Core
  • Crashing Problem :- 10%

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