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Legendary Ultimate Heroes Apk For Android Latest Version Download

 Legendary Ultimate Heroes Apk

Hello friends, Today here you will see the New Dragon Ball Z game like Mugen games. You can play this game only on Android and it's also available on play store. I am going to give you Legendary Ultimate Heroes Mod Apk with all characters Unlocked. You can also play the orginal version from the play Store. I have already provided the download link end of this post. If you want to more information about this game so please read this post completely.

About Game

Legendary Ultimate Heroes is 2D fighting game for android mobile released on April 2022. STA Games is Developer of this game. You have to do Battle to Unlock Extraordinary Characters. Become a Dragon Ball Universe Hero in Legendary Ultimate Heroes apk! Challenge the strongest fighters in the universe and unlock all warriors!
Legendary Ultimate Heroes Mod apk

Legendary Ultimate Heroes Apk

Legendary Ultimate Heroes Mod Apk Features

  • Exceptional 2D Graphics Performance.
  • The game is extremely light.
  • There are a lot of characters to unlock.
  • Some interesting battle places to check out.
  • numerous ways to play
  • All characters Unlocked.
  • No coins system.
  • Free and safe download.
  • No ads
Updating Recurringly Be Prepared For Magnificent Occasions By Gathering Your Coins Now!


  • Goku base
  • Vegeta base
  • Piccolo
  • Trunks base
  • Black Goku base
  • Bardock
  • Frieza
  • Reditz
  • Cell first form
  • Kid Goku
  • Tien
You will see 12 characters with 3 super attacks. Every character have orginal anime Attacks. If you shoot Goku and Vegeta goes super Saiyan in your final attack.

Additional information

  • Name:- Legendary Ultimate Heroes Apk
  • Size:- 2MB
  • Platform:- Android
  • Genre:- Fighting
  • Graphics:- 2D pixel graphics
  • Developer:- STA Games
  • Released on:- April 2022


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