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Dragon Heroes Apk Download for Android

 Dragon Heroes Beta Apk

Hello friend!  Today I come to introduce you to another new Dragon Ball fan game for our dear Android!  This is Dragon Heros, did you notice that this is a very familiar name?  Well, I'll explain, that name "Dragon Heroes" was from an old Dragon Ball fan game that was on the Playstore some time ago, but today it doesn't exist anymore!
Dragon Heroes Apk
Dragon Ball FighterZ Mugen Apk
Dragon Heroes game download

Those who are developing the game are from the old game team that was on Playstore, so they decided to create this game with the same old name maybe to "honor" this old game.

Here the menus, character selection screen, hud at the time of the fight, are all visually beautiful, I really liked the soundtrack too, it's the same as Dragon Ball FighterZ and this makes the game very excited especially when choosing the character to play.

You may have noticed that the game has official characters and on the bottom right there are 03 characters, who are the creators of the game, GM One, GM Street and Mito.

Enjoy the game, despite being in the testing phase the game seems to get much better after some updates, thanks for reading this post, see you later!

Additional Information

  • Name:- Dragon Heroes
  • Size:- 86MB
  • Platform:- Android
  • Genre:- Fighting
  • Android:- 4.2
  • Online/Offline:- Offline
  • Free:- Yes


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