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DOWNLOAD New Mugen Style Power Warriors APK V. 8.0 With New Menu And New Characters

Power Worries V8.0
Hello Friends, here I bring a new Dragon Ball Super game Power Worries Version 8.0 for Android with a new menu and a new character of Dragon Ball super Movie Broly.

About Game

The Power Warrior is a pixel fighting game for Android. The fighting style of this game is like M.U.G.E.N., there are 180 plus characters To play In this game, there are 6 mods of fighting:—

Story Mod:- Story is about to have 11 sagas of different different and strongest villans of Dragon Ball Z Series. You can say that mixing story of Dragon Ball.

Mission Mod:- It's basically like Story Mod but a little bit different because there is no sagas but challenges instead of stgas.
In order to complete challenge, you have to defeat enemies but the hard part is you can't choose your fighter in this Mission Mod and it gives you random fighters to play. The fight might be 1 Vs 3 & 2 Vs 2 & whatever it can be, so basically it too hard to complete but you will get more coins if you complete all challenges.

Survival Mod:- Survival Mod has unlimited fighters and unlimited stages, it's never get end and the main part is you can earn 1000 coins just by playing one time, so that means if you want to unlock all the characters so you must play Survival Mod but the question comes that how should I play this in order to kill a lot & get 1000+ coins ?. The answer is just choose oren three times and perform special attacks in every 5 second, just do this whole rime during the gameplay then you can kill 50 To 80, than you will get approx 900 coins in just one gameplay of 10 minutes.
Team Battle Mod:- You can choose your fighter by your choice and also the No. of fighters like 1 vs 1 and 1 vs 3 etc. depends on your mood.

Arcade Mod:- In this mod there is 10 battles to win or we can say 10 teams to defeat and after defeating all of them you will get 200+ reward.

Training Mod:- Training Mod has tutorial series and you can learn all moves, combos and special and ultimate attacks by completing all tutorial.

What's The New IN Power Warriors 8.0

Broly All Forms:- The developers have done a great work on Broly because they added all forms of Broly with their unique and original attack. The first form of Broly uses a automati combo as a special attack. The second form is armoured SSJ which is looks accurate pixelated and the attack is automatic firings in all directions and the last and final form of Broly is Legendary Super Saiyan that is well formed and has real move set and combos.

Goku Ultra Instinct:- There is a new Goku Ultra Instinct in the APK rhat can make a rush Kamehameha and his most realistic attack that is used on Jiren in the Tournament Of Power when Goku fights in his Mastered Ultra Instinct form with Jiren. We Can say that attack should be called invisible hands beats up the enemy.

New kale:- Kale has two forms, the first is base and normal and the second is her SSJ form. Kale also has her unique moveset and an energy ball attack.

Additional information

  • Game Name:- Power Warriors 8.0
  • Apk Size:- 88MB
  • System:- Android
  • RAM:- 2GB
  • Offline:- Yes


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