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DOWNLOAD New DBZ TTT MOD V2 ISO + MENU With Goku Grand Priest Ultra Instinct

DBZ TTT MOD Broly Dragon Ball Super

Hello Friends, Today here I am bring a new DBZ TTT MOD V2 by DBS VIDEOS. In this iso you can see all characters of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, Dragon Ball GT And Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

About Game

Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team is a 3D fighting game. You can play this game on your android and PC device but you need to download PSP Emulator to play this game. This game contains Story Mod till Buu saga or you can say till the end of the series.
You can experience Budokai Tenkaichi 3 gameplay on this PSP ISO.
This game gives you the feature of multiplayer to play with your brother and friends or the best thing in this feature is it doesn't need high or low speed data connection at all. You can be connect with your friend just by connecting your WiFi hotspot and filling IP Address in the PSP network settings. All you need is just a 5.0 Version, 2 GB of Ram and 4000 Mah Battery Android phone for play smoothly without any type of bug and problems.

What's The New IN This DBZ TTT MOD

  • In this ISO you can see more new characters with new BT3 style attacks. Easy controls, Fast Loading, All Bugs fix, New characters, New menu, New fighting places & permanent fix Menu.
  • You can see DB, DBZ, DBS, SDBH and DBS Movie Goku all forms , Vegeta all forms, Dbs & Dbz Broly all forms, DBS Gogeta all forms, Vegito all forms, Jiren, Toppo, All God of Destruction with full BT3 port attacks.
  • New Broly Movie snow fall map with snow fall animation during the gameplay for make it looking real anime fight and the texture are also in anime or you can say Fighter Z style.

Control Of DBZ TTT MOD

If you are a new user of this game and wants to play a enjoyable fight by playing their all combos and special attacks so here is few combo list that you can use on the opponent during the gameplay :—
  • 1. L + ∆ = Kamehameha Ha.
  • 2. L + Handle up by sliding your thumb at the screen and then tap ∆ button for a automatic combo or automatic firings.
  • 3. L + Handle down ( same method as above ) + ∆ for an ultimate attack or combo or move whichever you player posses in his ultimate.

How To Download This DBZ TTT MOD

  • First of all download PSP Emulator latest version from playstore.
  • Then download the ISO file link is given below.
  • If the file format is Rar, 7z, And Zip so you have to extract the file from RAR and 7zipper App use anyone.


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