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New Anime Mugen Apk For Android 2020 Without Emulator With 300 Characters

  • Welcome again my all friends, Today here I am bring a new amazing Mugen Apk Anime Game Bleach Vs Naruto With Full Mugen Graphics For Android Phone.

About Mugen Game

Bleach Vs Naruto Mugen is a Pixel fighting game for android phone. There are 300 plus characters that belongs to Dragon Ball Z, One Punch Man, Naruto, One Piece etc..
From Dragon Ball Z you can find Goku Black & Gohan Ssj 1, Naruto all forms & Sasuke etc., Monkey D Luffy from One Piece and many many more characters from other popular animes.
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Game Features

Single Battle:- Single Battle Mod is a 1 Vs 1 fight mod. That has no rounds and stages to complete, It's just has one round that will create by you, Opponent and you fighters both will be your choice.

Arcade Mod:- Arcade Mod is an interesting option because it has approx 20 rounds to complete with the strongest and also week opponents. The start of the battle you will face week opponents but as you go further by defeating them. The strongest warriors will stand against you one by one and the last one will be the powerfull which will fight with you. In this game if you complete any arcade battle or any missions so you will not get rewarded for that completeness but on the contrary you will be listed as rank 1 or 2 whichever you able to stand for, and that list is global list of ranking, If you get ranked on top 10 so It's really really a big deal.

Team Battle Mod:- Team Battle Mod is totally upon your choice. You can choose the team that will be your enemy and you can choose the team which will be your heroes. In this battle mod you can make fight between those anime characters who you want to see in a battle in real animes.

Things That Made This Game Awesome

If you are a Dragon Ball Fan so it will make you mad for this because it has a Goku Black with full and all original attacks like first is his hand sword attack with the super saiyan transformation, that will crush the enemy and second is super saiyan rose hand sword attack, it's that attack which was used on Goku Blue by Goku Black and after this Goku Blue wasn't able to fight again with Goku Black, so yes this game has this type of original massive attacks. The Third and last attack is super saiyan rose pink Kamehameha. This is final attack of Goku Black that takes almost half life of opponent.

This Apk also has Gohan super saiyan with his original Kamehameha attack and automatic combo attack.
Friend, here in this game available Naruto all forms. Naruto has his original "Duplicate Naruto" attack and The First attack is hand energy ball attack. Then it comes to transformations, then that is so realistic. The First transformation is Super Naruto when the Naruto is surrounded by red aura and in that form Naruto becomes more stronger even in a game with his original moves and second transformation is like a cat when he has 4 legs and 2 wings, in that form he uses big energy ball as his ultimate attack.
After this Naruto transforms into a Golden form that has impressively
Massive attacks, those attacks that is called ultimate attacks in his base from and previous forms now they called normal moves in this Golden transformation of Naruto and the final transformation is Naruto Golden Aura with the strongest attacks of all. Friends in this form Naruto is able to Take Half Life of Opponent By His normal moves.

System Required

  • Android:- 5.1 To 8.0
  • RAM:- 2GB
  • Internal Memory:- 32GB
  • Apk Size:- 900MB
  • Offline:- Yes

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