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New DBZ TTT MOD XenoVerse 2 2022 PPSSPP ISO Download

DBZ TTT MOD Xenoverse 2 Mod

DBZ TTT MOD Xenoverse 2
DBZ TTT Xenoverse 2 Mod DOWNLOAD
Hello friends and welcome again. Friends today here I am bring a new Xenoverse 2 DBZ TTT MOD 2019. Friends in this DBZ TTT MOD you can see full original graphics of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. So Let's know about this ISO more.

About Game

DBZ TTT MOD ( Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team Mod ) is a 3D fighting game. This is mod game and it is fully in Xenoverse 2 graphics converted. In the most of mods, They don't have opportunity of permanent menu but in this mod you can see a permanent menu. It has more than 15 new characters with their new attacks but few characters are updated with their original attacks.

Characters New Updates

  • 1. Kefla

Kefla has her two forms in this ISO. The first is her base form and in that form Kefla usually performs green beam attack as his final move. The second form is super saiyan legendary and in this form Kefla use her original attack rainbow beam which was used on ultra instinct goku by kefla in the DBS anime series. The best thing in Kefla is that she looks like XenoVerse in this mod.

  • 2. Master Ultra Instinct ( Silver Body )

So friends this is the newest Xenoverse texture and form in the DBZ TTT Mod XenoVerse series, in this form Goku has full shining silver body which was formed in DBS Tournament Of Power Arc, against Jiren. So in this form Goku silver body MUI has the full original invisible hands attack and super Kamehameha as his final attack. Goku silver body has purple aura that is his original sparks.

  • 3. Gogeta All Forms

Gogeta all forms are fully converted in Xenoverse style textures. Gogeta in his base form has automatic combo attack as his special ans he use XenoVerse port rush Kamehameha as his ultimate attack.
In the form of super saiyan Gogeta usually performs soul punisher attack which was used on Janemba in the DBZ movie.
Super saiyan blue Gogeta has all originally and Dragon Ball Super Movie attakcs. The first attack is nonstop firings. The second attack is the most completed attack so far because in this attack Gogeta plays hands up explosion which was used on Broly by Gogeta Blue in the DBS new "Movie Broly".

  • 4. Mui Goku Completed

Mui Goku also has a perfect Xenoverse body with sparking hair. So guys remember that here I am talking about Mastered UI Goku but completed not silver body. Guys in this completed form of Goku has 100% original Xenoverse port final attack of one handed super spirit bomb. In his first special attacks, he basically performs a Kamehameha attack , in the second special attacks Goku uses automatic combo and Kamehameha attack at the end of the combo

  • 5. Broly (DBS)

One of rhe most special character, Broly has his unique auras, techniques, moves and attacks.
So first of all and the main thing is that Broly has his original opening scene like when he rises again from earth in his super saiyan firm in the movie. So this same scene now added in this mod. Let's talk about the attacks. The First attack is mouth beam attack. In this attack Broly releases huge amount of energy from his mouth. The second attack is nonstop firings with using only one hand. The last attack Giga meteor attack. In this attack Broly make a huge green energy ball and fires that attack on the enemy.

How To Download And Play This XenoVerse 2 TTT MOD

  1. First Of All Download PSP Emulator Latest Version From Playstore.
  2. Then Download The XenoVerse 2 ISO Link Is Given Below.
  3. If The File Format Is Rar, 7Z, Zip So You Have To Extract The File With RAR And 7zipper App. Use Anyone.
  4. Then Choose ISO File In PSP Emulator And Start Play.
Click Here To Download


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