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Download New Update Z Champions Beta Apk 2019 For Android

Z champions new Update Apk

Z Champions APK 2019

Hello friends and welcome again to my blog. Friends today here I bring a new dragon ball game for android named Z Champions Beta.

About Game

The Z Champions game is pixel fighting game for Android devices. There are only 5 characters in this game because it's a beta version but there were only 4 characters before this update.
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New Characters And Techniques

Vegeta Super Saiyan Blue ( SSB ):- Friends after the update there is added only one new character and the new character is Vegeta super saiyan blue. Friends you will see here Vegeta's original final flash attack which was used on Jiren in the tournament of power other than this Vegeta has real combo attacks which were first attacked on Goku black by Vegeta blue in the Zamasu arc of dragon ball super and Vegeta also has that special big bang attack which was thrown at the broly in the "Dragon Ball Super Movie Broly" for the first time other than this Vegeta has a special galick gun attack just looking like beam struggle between Vegeta and Goku in saiyan saga.

Goku:- Friends, there are you can see Goku and Goku SSJ. Friends in this game Goku transformation of super saiyan look like anime style. Friends in this game Goku have two attacks. The First attack Is Kamehameha and The second attack is spirit boom. Friends, there is Goku Kamehameha attack is normal but spirit boom attack looks like dragon ball z Buu saga style.

DBS Broly:- Friends, here you will see Broly legendary from DBS movie Broly. Friends in this game Broly is looking so cool his attacks and fighting skills is hilarious, It looks like Mugen game style. Friends here Broly legendary transformation look like dragon ball z movie Broly style and his all techniques look like dragon ball z Broly style but he has an awesome original attack that's called enormous Giga meteor which was used in the new 2018 movie of dragon ball super.

Beerus Sama:- Friends, here you will see Beerus sama. Here in this game Beerus sama have real anime dragon ball super style attacks and fighting techniques. Beerus sama has three techniques that looks so real. First is huge red energy ball which was used by Beerus upon Goku in The Battle Of Gods Movie. Second attack is non-stop small hakai balls rhat just gives a scratch to opponent and the last attack is the most powerfull and real attack that's called original big hakai ball of god of destruction. Beerus usually never uses this attack upon someone.

Broly From Dragon Ball Z:- So guys the one interesting thing in this game is that it has both Broly's characters, First one is from dragon ball super and second is from dragon ball z, So we are talking about DBZ Broly. However it's not that much awesome as DBS but it also has a epic entry transformation before the battle begins. Broly posses green meteor attack as his final attack and a combo attack as his special move.

Additional information

  • Game Size:- 193MB
  • Game Name:- Z Champions
  • System:- Android Required 6.1
  • RAM:- 2GB Required
  • Offline:- Yes
  • Internal Memory:- 16GB
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