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Power Warriors 8.1 Apk Full Mugen Style For Android Download

Power Warriors 8.1 Apk
Power Warriors Apk V.8.1
So hello guys welcome back and today here is a new version 8.1 of Dragon Ball Power Warriors have Been released. So Just keep reading to know about all the features, new characters and new attacks.

About Game

If you are a new gamer and doesn't know about this game so basically it's a 2D mugen style Dragon Ball Z fighting game on android phone. This game has approximately 180+ Dragon Ball characters including DB Super, DBZ and DBGT.

Game Features

Mission Mod:- Mission mod a type of alternative of story but the good thing is that this game has these both feature but here we are talking about mission mod. So basically it gives a random character to fight with and your enemies might be larger on case of number means they might be 3 but you only one random character to fight them. Mission mod has almost 20 stages to complete and each stage has his boss.

Story Mod:- This game's story is not like ( They will talk during the gameplay and after gameplay they will meet & will discuss any type of question at all.) it's Just have placed characters to fight with you one by one as it's in the anime. The story mod has almost 11 sagas of 50+ different villains.

Team Battle, Single Battle Mod:- So I don't think i need to these two battle mods, As you all know these both are just for times pass if you have completed story and mission mods.

What's The New In Power Warriors V.8.1

Tapion:- So guys tapion is a non-canon character of the movie but he has a close relation with trunks as his teacher and now in this version you can play with tapion with his professional sword attack techniques.

Goku Super Saiyan Blue:- You might think that SSB Goku is already in this game even before 7.0. So yes you all are right but those all SSB goku's are fan made transformations because they doesn't looks like DBS goku blue but the new goku in 8.1 version has outlook of Dragon Ball Super Tournament Of Power goku blue. This goku blue has Super Kamehameha Ha attack as his final option to win the battle and also a new update have been added in DBS goku. That is goku now transformable into goku ultra instinct from base.

Vegeta Ultra Instinct:- This is the most epic and awesome character of version 8.1 which makes it even more interesting for the new gamers. Vegeta has auto dodge techniques as goku UI has but in case you can't play auto dodge techniques because you don't have enough ki to use on that techniques. So first full your ki and then use auto dodge. Vegeta has final flash. That looks blue colored and this attack is his final attack or he don't have other attacks except this.
Power Warriors APK Mod
Vegeta UI And Goku UI Power Warriors

Additional information

  • Game Name:- Power Warriors  V.8.1
  • Game Size:- 88MB
  • System:- Android 6.0 To 7.0
  • RAM:- 2GB
  • Internal Memory:- 32GB
I hope you all will enjoy this game as much as you can and if you are new on this game and have any questions about skills so feel free to comment down your questions below.


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