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New Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 MOD 2019 Download For Android

Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 PS2 ISO
DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Mod
Welcome and hello friends so i am back again with new dragon ball z tenkaichi 3 mod. If you went to know about this game like a what's new in this iso and how to play in android and pc so please read full article.

About Game

The bragon ball budokai tenkaichi 3 is 3D fighting game for playstation 2 ( PS2 ) but now you can play this game on android and PC devices with PS2 and wii emulator. Friends it's a popular game in ps2 dragon ball Z gaming series and it was released in year 2006. 

What's The New In This BT3 ISO

New Story Mod:- In the story mod there is moded characters in every sagas & every stages. You can play with even non-canon power full characters because the original characters are converted to super powerfull characters like Vegeta gt super saiyan blue, Vegeks, Vegito god etc.

Permanent Menu:- Guys as you know that most of the BT3 mod are without any menu that shows you which character you choosing in the mod but be happy because this mod has permanent menu in every options like training and free battle and dual mod.

New Characters:- The best thing in this mod is that it has all characters from DBS,DBZ & DB Heroes and even dragon ball AF characters. It means if you want super saiyan 5 & 4 transformations so this mod has these features to offer you and give you a best experience of gameplay. To know about all new powerfull characters just keep reading below:—
New DBZ BT3 Mod Wii
  • Vegeks ( Dragon Ball Heroes )
For those who doesn't know that who is vegeks and why vegeks is a special character in dragon ball so i want to tell you that vegeks is a potara fusion characters between vegeta and his son trunks. Vegeks is a non-canon dragon ball heroes character. Vegeks has all combind attack of vegeta & trunks. Vegeks can transform into a super vegeks just like vegito in this game.
  • Villan Mira ( Dragon Ball Heroes )
Mira is a main villan of dragon ball heroes. That fought with bardock in the anime series. In this game mira has his all form even that ssj4 white hair looking form which is his final transformation.
  • Xicor ( Dragon Ball AF )
Xicor is as strong as super saiyan. Xicor has all transformation with the unique attacks.
  • Gohanks ( Super Dragon Ball Heroes )
Gohanks is a recently created character by the toei animation and for those who doesn't know that who is gohanks so it's a fusion characters between gohan and trunks. In this game gohanks can Transform into SSJ, ssj2 and even super saiyan 3.
  • Goku Black Mastered Ultra Instinct
This character can't transform into mui from the base because it has no base form you must choose directly goku mui black in order to play with this character.
  • Gine ( DBS Movie Broly )
Gine is mother of goku and she was non-canon before the dbs movies comes and now gine is canon and new character that have been added in This game.
  • Vegeta GT Costume SSB
So usually real vegeta gt in the game transforms till the super saiyan 4 but now he can go upto super saiyan god and can become SSB too.


This mod has over 200 characters with their unique and non - canon and even imaginary fan made transformations with permanent menu that can show you accurate location of every character and all the characters are belongs to dbs, dbz, db heroes, Db AF and even db absolon it means the mod has everything you want.
If you are interested in this mod so you can directly download it by clicking the link that is given below.


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