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Dragon Ball Fighter Z APK For Android 21 Download Without verification

Dragon Ball Fighter Z Apk Download
Fury Fighters Apk

Dragon Ball Fighter Z Android Apk

Friends are welcome again in my new post. In which I have come here with a new Dragon Ball Fighter Z game for Android. So Friends read this post to know about this Dragon Ball Fighter Z game. If you want to play fighter z on Android so this is best game for you. So let's know about this game.
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About Game

Dragon Ball Fighter is fighting game for Android devices. Friends playing this game you can enjoy the real Dragon Ball Fighter Z gaming that is PS4, in Android. Friends this game is called by two names, the name is Dragon Ball Fighter and Dragon Ball Fury Fighter. Friends, In this game available all dragon ball super characters with fully Dragon Ball Fighter Z style. Friends, the game requires internet to play this game but friends do not have to worry about this game because this game can be played in less internet and you can play this game very easily. Friends, I know that for the first time you will not understand anything by looking at this game, but don't worry about it, because this game has a system of auto tutorial as soon as you open this game, the tutorial will start then he will tell you how to play this game.

Game Features

Story Mod:- Friends, the story line in this game is made by mixing Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super. The Story Mod is made fully real Dragon Ball story line. Friends here you will see all dragon Ball series sagas like Saiyan Saga, Frieza Saga, Cell Saga, Buu Saga, Battel of Z Saga etc.

Player Vs Player ( PVP ):- Friends, PVP is my favorite part in this Dragon Ball Fighter game. Friends, PVP means player Vs player, you can play this game with your friends and other players around the world. Friends, in this PVP Mod you can play with real player not CPU.

Summons:- Friends, you can unlock the characters by summons but you need coins and diamond. Every day you will get first chance free to play Summons. Friends in this game have two Summons, which you can play with coins and diamond But in it the diamond Summons are much more advanced and in this game you get very little diamond and if you want to unlocked more characters so you can be need to buy diamond.

How to Download And Play Fighter Z in Android

Friends here I am telling you some steps to download this game I hope you understand.
  1. First click Download link, link is given below.
  2. Then you redirect to this Dragon Ball Fighter official website page.
  3. Then find download link and download this game.
  4. Then install game and open internet connection for play this game.

Additional information

Friends here you can see whether this game will play in your phone or not.
  • System:- Android 6.0
  • RAM:- 2 to 3GB
  • Internal Memory:- 16 to 32GB
  • Processer:- 1.3GHz
  • Online:- Yes
  • Offline:- No
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