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Dragon Ball Z Game Legends Of Saiyan TTT ISO For Android Download

Dragon Ball Z Game legends of Saiyan Download

Hello friends, today I have brought for you a Dragon Ball Z game for Android, named Legends of Saiyan TTT Mod. In this game you will see lots of new characters and their original anime attack. Friends, if you want to know more information about this game, so read this post completely.
Dragon Ball Z game

About This Game

Dragon Ball Z game, Legends Of Saiyan, TTT MOD is 3D fighting game for Android. This game run in PSP emulator and PC emulator. This game released on 30 September 2010 and it's new update released in 5 May 2019. 

Friends, this game is a modified game of Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team. This game has been modified by some modders and they have added all the new characters of Dragon Ball Super. In this game you will see all Characters original anime attack which are used in anime. This DBZ game new user can easily play because in this game has all Characters' combo buttons list. Thought combo list you can learn about, how to run the attacks of all characters. In this game have 192+ characters. Only 15 characters are unlocked. If you want to unlock all characters so you need to complete all Stages of Dragon Walker mod. If you want not to complete all Stages so you can download this Save Data.

Game Features

There are many features and option that this game gives to enjoy the game as much as we can and also there some new characters update added to in this mod.

Dragon Mission

Dragon Walker is a story mod in other words and there is approx 15 stages in dragon walker, each stage is based on different different dragon ball villans like Broly, Cell, Frieza etc. The first stage is rekarel to Raditz attack because as you all know raditz was the first big villan of dragon ball Z series. After that the second stage is related to frieza saga, in the frieza there are many characters that will be unlocked after completing this entire stage. Third and fourth stage is connected with the Androids and Cell Sags and Android saga is an incomplete saga as it was not meant to be a full saga in DBZ Anime. Then comes Cell saga which by completing, the Gohan Super Saiyan 2 Will unlock. More next sagas are some Non Canon sagas like Broly, Cooler etc.

S Grade Battle 

There are even more options to play this game in a different way and in a different style. Like 100 battle mod, guys this option is like a mission mod. There are hundreds of team waiting for you to fight and defeat them, if you can. The mission is to grab the grade level S from them. Each team has two characters with some similarities between each them and you can also make team of yours to fight and defeat all opponent teams easily. There are tabs in the hundred battle where the teams all resting for you, the first and second tab is easier to win but the last 3 tabs are hard and you will get so much Z coins if you complete all those 3 tabs successfully. There are four grade which will be given to you after winning a battle. First grad is C, means you have win the battle but with a low fighting quality, Second is B, It means you have win the battle but with a medium fighting quality and these both grade will give you less Z coins. Third Grade is A, it means, you have win the battle with really a good fighting and last is Grade S which means you have win the battle excellently. These both grades will give you the most Z coins as much.

All new Updates

  1. As we know in the original game, there is only two to three colors for each characters but now in this mod game, there are four colors for every characters and each color has new and different characters.
  2. Second big update is about health bars of this game, there was only 3 maximum health bar line in the original game but in this mod there are 9 lines in the health bars which will make fight more longer than before.
  3. DB legends Gohan, guys Gohan super Saiyan 2 has thr new Father-Son Kamehameha have attack which is based on Dragon Bs Legends and made by the Hunter.
  4. Goku Rose, Goku super Saiyan rose Rose has the new handsword move that is almost looks like real.
  5. Naruto, I know that this game is about dragon Ball z but the modder wants to do something new that's why they added Naruto in this game. However, the naruto is not perfect but the Modder has done their best on making this character and it's approx 60% is original. Naruto is the newest characters on this game that is made by the Thai fighter.

In this image you can see original attacks of characters.
New DBZ games
DBZ TTT MOD Download

How To Download And Install This Game 

Friends, here I am telling you some steps for how to play this game on Android. So please read this steps carefully.
  1. First download PSP emulator latest version from Playstore.
  2. Then download Game link is given below.
  3. After download check game file format.
  4. If you see file format is RAR and ZIP so you need to extract him. ( You can use RAR app for extract the game.)
  5. If you see file format ISO so don't need to extract him.
  6. Then install PSP emulator and open it.
  7. Then search ISO file in PSP emulator and select it to play.
Click Here to download this Game. 👇


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