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Anime Japanese Girls Zombie Fighting Game For Android Download

Japnese girls Zombie fighting game

Hello friends, today I have brought for you a Japanese Anime Girls Zombie Game for Android. Friends, this high graphics Android game. friends if you want to know more information about this game so read this post completely.
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About Game

Anime japanese girls sword fighting game is role playing game. This game released in 17 January 2019. In this game there are two japanese girls named Aki and Fumi. This game has only two playable and main characters and from both of them only Aki is unlocked. In order to unlock fumi you have to buy her. This game has so many stages to complete. The story is about two girls named Aki and fumi and they both were good freinds from childhood but for some reason they become enemies of each other. From here the game's story starts. Aki and Fumi are fought during high school when they are studying in high school, hence you get the background of high school inside this game. This is the reason that the name of this game has also been named "High School Girls Sword Fighting Game".

Friends, inside High School Sword Fighting Game, you are given a situation in which you fight for your life. In this game Aki is a justice keeper, it has a reputation that you have to maintain while completing this game. In this game your intellect and prestige can also be examined. In this game you will be given a powerful swords that you have to use to kill all the zombies, demons, half breefs and wildlings hidden in school. You can call this game survival game because in this you have to search your opponent and kill him. That's a bad thing of this game his not show you your opponent location by any communication like other survival games. But when you start playing this game, you will gradually understand how to find your enemy.

Game features

When the game will open, you will see a main menu option, within which you can see this three types of options, Sounds, Setting and Character select. 
Through the Option of sounds, you can control the music of the game and you can either mute the music.
Through the Option setting, you can control graphics, if you are facing the lag problem in your Android device then low it and it's running as normal then set the graphics at high level for better gameplay experience.
In the characters selection Option as told you above that there are only two to characters to play and out of both only one is unlocked and another one needs to buy.

When you will select your character and will click on continue then you will see there are many weapons to buy and those weapons doesn't needs real money to buy them. You can unlock all of those weapons by game's coins. Each weapon has a comical value in it.

After selecting weapons then you will see the dresses for your character, some of the dresses are free while some needs to buy. you can change the color and overall look of your character.

Now you can start play the game and there are 10 Stages in this game. And there is also a Option of Survival Game play in which there are unlimited zombie opponents to defeat. Through this option you can collect the money faster and can unlock all the strongest weapons in the game.

Additional information

  • Game Size:- 87MB
  • Android:- 5.1 to 8.0
  • Processor:- 1.3GHz
  • Internal Memory:- 32 GB
  • RAM:- 3GB
  • Online:- No
  • Offline:- Yes
If this game seems awesome to you then the Download link is given below. Just download, install the app and start play.
Click Here To Download


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