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Dragon Ball Z Game Last Warrior Ultimate Mission For Android Download

Dragon Ball Z Game APK
Last Warrior Ultimate Apk
Hello friends, today I have brought for you a New Dragon Ball Z Game Last Warrior Ultimate Mission For Android. friends, if you want to know more information about this game so just read this post completely. Let's get start.
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About Game

Dragon Ball Z Game Last Warrior Ultimate Mission is a 2D fighting Role playing games and I has been released in May, 2019 means it's by far the most newest dragon ball z game. This is an online mobile game that needs a good 4G connection data service. The good thing is that there is no additional data available to download in starting you just have to install this 76 MB of APK and start play. This game has chibi type of characters texture in which you can see Goku, Super Saiyan forms, Vegeta, Cell, Buu, Frieza, Krillin etc. All the attacks are highly customized and looked like dragon Ball fighter Z game style attacks. This game has all it's storylines picked from dragon Ball Z series. As usual the first villan is Raditz within the story line and Second is Frieza. All villans comes by their time and one by one. This game also has accuracy of every fights that was done in dragon ball Z series, this is a special thing in this game that, there is no fight, that was occurred in the dragon ball z but not occurred in this game. That's why this remains as the best accurate non official dragon Ball Z game.

Game features

If you want a game that never ends in matter of it's features, stages, rounds, options so this is the same definition of this game. This will give an addiction to your hands to play this game whole day. this game has many options to make the gameplay even more better than before. The features to use like:

Story Battle mod

In which you can find the stories that was occurred on Earth, heroes who save the earth from the villans. There are two types of battle option within the story battle mod. First is normal battle in which you will see strories related to the DBZ villans and second is elite, in which you will see some extra mission to complete and the one more important thing is that you can't play elite mod untill you complete the stage 30 on normal story mod. Friends, if you want to unlock characters so you need to complete all story mission.

Z Team

In which you can build your own team that will fight with you in the battle field against the opponents. You can even customize your team and upgrade their fighting, struggling, defensive ability. You can keep maximum three fighters in your team that will help you to win the stages as long as you will continuously customize them.


In which you can unlock more characters but you have to spend some money to buy a summon and a summon will unlock only one character if it's have been by a low cost coins. If you cost high on a summon then that summon will unlock even five characters at once. However, the characters this will get unlocked after buying summon is randomly unlocked and there is no feature to choose a particular character to be unlocked by a summon. If you want to unlock your favorite fighter then sadly you have to buy summons untill your character gets unlocked.

BackPack Upgrades

In this option there are many features available for upgrading a character to the next level but as usual rule, you have to buy them first before taken to use. There are features such as health Bar increasing, damage level increasing, defensive upgrades to buy. All the features has different different rates depending on the his uses.

Characters List

Friends, in this game you will see all Dragon Ball Z characters named Goku with all DBZ transformation, Vegeta with all DBZ transformation, Gohan Kid to Ultimate Gahan, Frieza, Captain Zinyu with all his partner, Cell, Buu, etc. Friends, in this you will Dragon Ball Super all characters named Goku with all God transformation, Vegeta with all God transformation, Whis, God of Destruction Beerus, Black Goku SSJ Rose, Zamasu, Vegito, Toopo, Jiren, Hit, etc.

Friends, I hope you understand all the information of this Dragon Ball Z Game. Friends, download link is given below, you click on download link for download this game.

Click here to download 


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