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Dragon Ball Z Game Warriors Super Kart Racing For Android Download

Super kart racing apk
Super Kart Racing Apk
Hello friends, today I have brought for you a new Dragon Ball Z Game Named Dragon Warriors Super Kart Racing and this is for Android. Friends, so far many Dragon Ball Z games have gone out, but this game is the most different and it's gameplay is very different, which is going to be quite fun to play. If you want to know more information about this game so please read this post completely. Let's get start.
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About Game

Dragon Ball Z Game Warriors Super Kart Racing is racing and fighting game, means you can do race with you favorite character and you can use her attakcs to win the race. This game is released on 25 April 2019. This is a brand new Dragon Ball Z game and the new update for this game has gone out in 23 May 2019. This game has 35 characters out of which only four characters are unlocked. In this game you will see Goku Base form to Mastered Ultra Instinct, Vegeta Base form to Super Saiyan Blue evolution, Trunks SSJ, Gotenks Base form to Super Saiyan 3, Zeno Sama, Beerus, Gohan Base form to Super Saiyan Blue, Master Roshi, Golden Frieza, Mr. Satan, Jiren, Toopo, Kid Buu, Piccolo, Black Goku Rose, Vegito Base form to Blue, Bardock Base form to God and DBS Movie Broly Legendary Form.

DBZ Kart Game Features

There are three options within the game to play this Dragon Ball Z racing game in three different styles. I am going to explain all those three options below to make you more interested in this game.

Arcade Mod Racing

There are two sub-option within this option. The name of the first sub-option is Normal Race. In which you will just complete a single round again & agains, or in the other words, there are no stages in the Normal Race mod. You will have Goku with his Ssjfalse and super saiyan form.
Second sub-option called Tournament. In which, however, you will have only Goku to complete the race but there are many rounds within the Tournament sub-option to complete. Also there is a complicated way in racing on Tournament that will make this option more interesting to complete.

Team Racing

There are two sub-options within the team racing mod. First one is called Olympic, in which, the most best thing is that you can choose more than one character to complete the race and choosing four characters are necessary to start the race. Because there are also four characters in the team of opponent. This is gonna be a hard racing if you don't have Goku blue level characters unlocked. Before playing this mod, I suggest to play the arcade mod to collect some coins & unlock the Goku God level forms.
Second sub-option called Survival, So guys as the name states, it's a survival racing means there are no end, no stages, no rounds within this option. Basically this is the best method to collect the enough amount of coins to unlock the upper level of racing players.

Online Mod

This is to provide you the features to play this game with you family and friends. In straight forward, it's a multiplayer mod where you can create a room to play a match with you partners. As the name Online states that this needs a Data Connection to play multiplayer do do make sure you have a 4G data connection to play this mod without any bugs of server. At a time only two racers are allowed to play the game.

I hope you understand all information about this game. So friends, you can download this just click on download link.

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