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Dragon Ball Z Game Legends TTT ISO For Android PSP Download

Hello Friends, today I have brought for you a new Dragon Ball Z Game for Android and his full name is Dragon Ball Z Legends Tenkaichi Tag Team. So friends, read this post to know more about this game.
PSP Dragon Ball Z Game
DBZ Game Legends TTT

About DBZ TTT Legends Game

Dragon Ball Z Game Legends Tenkaichi Tag Team is 3D fighting game for Android PSP emulator. Friends, this game has been converted into graphics of Dragon Ball Legends.
If you doesn't know about dragon ball legends then for your kind information dragon ball legends is a 3D fighting game that based on Xenoverse Graphics. Dragon ball legends is the most recently launched dragon ball game for mobiles and you can have it on Android. Dragon ball legends is available on Playstore and listed as Action category. This mod of Dragon ball Z tenkaichi tag team is try to having the same Graphics as dragon ball legends. Modder's have done a great hard work on this mod. However, not all the characters have changed into Dragon Ball legends but most of them are successfully converted. The Auras are given like dragon ball legends and they really looks too awesome. The level of sparking has increased more. All the attacks are sparking more than before overall the quality of the game has increased. The level 3D look has increased.

What's the New in this Dragon Ball Z Game

  1. There is five new maps added in the game which are looking similar to dragon ball legends graphics. There is also a map of new Broly movie from out of those five. The new map of Broly is looks white and full of ice. There is also a map of that are taken from dragon Ball legends. The modder's have done a hard work to make every map look real.
  2. Jiren, you may be will say that Jiren is not a new characters because he was already done by modders since 6 months ago. But the new thing is that his attacks and his new Dragon Ball Legends looking face and overall texture. Jiren has new Omega blast attack which was used in hit to eliminate him from tournament of power in the anime series. Jiren has new texture with new face in which you can see a clear big eye of Jiren.
  3. New Gogeta, It contains new Gogeta with his all forms. Overall look of Gogeta is converted to dragon Ball Legends including his all forms. Gogeta has the newest attack of the Hunter that seems almost 100% Original.
  4. New Broly, here in this ISO the model broly is by The Hunter and there is no doubt that Hunter is a professional Modder and one of the greatest Modder of TTT. In this iso Broly has the texture of DB legends and the attacks are Giga Meteor as ultimate attack, Firings as special attack, mouth beam as another special attack. 

There are even more new things in this iso but I here discussed about only perfects one.
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How To Download And Install This Game

Read the instructions carefully if you want to install this 3D dragon ball Z game successfully on your android device.
  1. First download PSP emulator From Playstore.
  2. Then download this game. ( Link is given below.)
  3. After download this game check it's format, it's should be ISO.
  4. If the file format is RAR, Zip, and 7z, so you need to extract them using RAR App. ( You can download this app from Playstore.)
  5. If you see file format ISO, so you don't need to extract the file.
  6. Then install PSP emulator and open it and click on ISO.
  7. It's done. Now you can play this game.

Click Here To Download


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