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New Iron Man Survival Game For Android Free Download

Hello friends, today I have brought for you the New Iron Man Game for Android. Friends, this game is in 3D Graphics and you will enjoy the survival, fighting, and action all three games, so friends read this post to know about this game.
Iron Man Game for Android

About Game

Friends, this is a 3D survival game of Iron Man. The Iron Man is a superhero of Marvel Avengers Series. Friends, in this game you will see the new costume and new look of the Iron Man, which look exactly like the costume of Captain America. Friends, you get the open world with some boundaries and it's background is city area.

In this game, there is only one character to play with and that is iron man and may be in the next update the developers will add more avengers in the game but at this time we have to enjoy with only iron Man.

Now let's know about Gameplay features, so basically it's a open world game where you can go anywhere but there are only some humans in the game's world to fight like GTA games. 

There are 10 missions in the game to complete and the first mission is too easy to complete because that mision is like beginners guide, in that stage you will learn about flying, running, walking etc. In the second mission, the task is to save a man that is injured by a car accident and you need to take him a hospital to complete the round but there is time that can be a cause of you loss. There are fixed given times for each stages and you have to complete you take under that fixed time periods.
In the third Mission, the situation is that there is a comical car and three thieves are thinking to steel that car and your mission is to save the car from thieves by beatube them all with your powers and there is no time limit for this stage to be complete. This mission is also an easy mission that can be completed by anyone.
Now let's talk about some hard mission that is really enjoyable to complete. The fourth mission, this is like first mission because in this mission there is a women that gets harmed by a car accident and you have to get him into a hospital, this seems to be as easy as the first round but wait in this mission there is a time limit to give up the lady on hospital and the distance between you and the hospital is far longer than the first's rounds stage.
The fourth mission is like Pubg because in this mission you will get a gun. The situation is that there is a bank that might be hijack by some human gangs so you have to save that bank from the humans. The gang of human has guns to stop everyone and you will also get guns to stop them off. Now the gun fight will start play between you and gang, this is a hard stage to complete but this stage have much fun than above three rounds.

Friends, I will not tell you about future missions, otherwise your interest will end in this game and you will not enjoy playing this game probably.

Additional information

  • Android:- 5.1 to 8.0
  • RAM:- 2GB minimum
  • Internal memory:- 16GB
  • Processor:- 1.3GHz
  • APK Size:- 82MB
  • Offline:- Yes
  • Online:- No

If you want to download the game so just click below to download.

Click Here To Download


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