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New Pokemon Game 2019 Pocket New World For Android Download

New Pokemon Game 2019:- Hello friend, I have brought for you today, Pokemon new game which is released in 2019, named Pocket New World.
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About This New Pokemon Game

The Pocket New World is an apk role playing game on Android with 2D Pixel graphics and cartoon model textures, other than this it has open world map. Freinds you can enjoy this game easily on any version of Android devices but you must have fast data connection in order to play this without bugs because it's an online Pokemon game. The Pocket New World game is an unofficial game and this game is based on that Pokemon story line when Ash has Charizard, Squirtle, balbsaur and Pikachu with only thunder bolt attack and this game has all developed version of each Pokemons like Raichu, Lvysaur, Wartortle etc. 
At the starting this game will give you instructions that how to play, how to upgrade character, how to perform attacks, how to select next level to play etc. So if you are thinking that it's gonna be hard to understand this game's structure so don't be worry about that and the good thing about this game is it doesn't contains ads therefore you can enjoy this online game without any ads disturbance but this game contains in app purchase means some features in this game is bounded by money and you have to pay them if you want to use their advance features.

About Gameplay

This game has two types of Gameplay- first is Manual gameplay in which this game gives you the feature to control your player and the second type of gameplay is automatic means during the gameplay you don't need to do anything and your fighter will fight by his own and he will also use his all attacks properly to win the battles but that doesn't mean you can win all Stages by using auto Gameplay mod because the computer doesn't make strategies to fight whereas you can make plans and strategies to win the hard fights.

About Controls

There is no controls like PSP butrons and normal gaming buttons in this game, on the contrary this game has logo of attacks to show on the screen and by clicking on those logos you can perform special and ultimate attacks.

Additional information

Friends, you can check here that this game will support in your phone or not.
  • Game Size:- 176.99MB
  • Android:- 5.1 to 8.0
  • RAM:- 2GB
  • Internal Memory:- 16GB
  • Processor:- 1.3GHz
  • Internet:- Required 3G to 4G
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