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Dragon Ball Z Game Warrior Of The Universe For Android Download

Warriors of the universe new update

Hello Friends, Today I bringing a new Mugen style game of all anime's like Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Luffy named Warrior of The Universe.
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About Game

The Warriors Of The Universe is a 2D pixel fighting game for Android. Friends, this is a creative game that you can convert to any anime game whether you like. Friends, you can also call this game Dragon Ball Z Game, Dragon Ball Super GamesNaruto Game and Luffy Game. So friends, now you have been raising the question in your mind how we convert this game in to all this anime games. So friends game have an option from which you can create you own character, this game give you the convenience of creating your own character, so that you can make any your favorite character like Naruto, Goku and Luffy. In this game, you will find the uniform and hairstyle of every character, by choosing whom you can create you favorite character and give it color as well as you can. Friends, you get an option to create your favorite character in this game, as well as friends, you also get the option to give your favorite character it's original attack, which is the best thing about this game.

Games Features

This game contains five options to play game in a different way with each option so first is:

Single Player Mod

In the single player mod you will see four sub- options to play game, first is:-

Normal Mod:- In the Normal Mod there you can form a team of 8 Fighters that will fight with another opponent team of 8 Fighters, this a one time battle mod mean there is no stages in this mod.

Practice Mod:- This is for making yourself a stronger warrior than other and to know all combos & special attacks.

Tower Mod:- In the Tower mod there is tower of Eight Fighter that you have to complete if you want to get the highest reward however if you are not able to beat the final boss but still you will get 20$ for each character if you are playing the tower on medium mod and to get money faster you must first train yourself in practice mod and then play tower mod on hard mod if you would able to beat the final boss so you will get 500 coins of bonus too.

Watch Mod:- You can choose the your fighter or your opponent & can make a computer battle between them.

Invasion Mod:- Invasion mod is a type of adventure game because in this option you can choose only one player and you have to fight with unlimited characters like in the survival mod, there is more than hundred characters that will come one by one to defeat you and after defeating an opponent you will get 10 coins reward

Challenges mod:- This is a new option of this game that is added in a recent update, in this option there is more than 10 challenges that will give you coins if you completed them, the first challenge is an easy challenges and being an easy challenge still it will give you 50 Coins and second task is also an easy task and it will give you 75coins and overall we can consider that this is best option to collect coins in this game.

Online mod

It's a multiplayer and player Vs player game option, in this mod you have to spend approx 500 Coins for creating a room of player Vs player in which the real time players will automatically come and the fight will start.

Additional information

Friends, you can check here that this game will support in your phone or not.
  • System:- Android 5.1 to 8.0
  • RAM:- 2GB
  • Internal Memory:- 16GB
  • Processor:- 1.3GHz
  • Online:- Yes
  • Offline:- Yes
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