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Dragon Ball Z Game Champions New DBZ TTT ISO Download 2020

Hello Friends, today I have brought for you a new Dragon Ball Z game, named Dragon Ball Z Champions. Friends before downloading this game, you read this post full so that you can know how to play this game on Android, how to install it, how to set it so that this game can be played correctly in your phone.
Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team mods
DBZ TTT MOD Heroes Download

About Game

The Dragon Ball Z game Champions Tenkaichi Tag Team is 3D fighting game for PSP and Android PSP emulator. Friends, in this game you will get to see the graphics like Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3. If you don't know about Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3, then I tell you that Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 is a PS2 emulator game that can't be played in Android. Friends, if you want to play DBZ Game BT3 in Android, you can download this Dragon Ball Z Champions Tenkaichi Tag Team game.

Because friends will get you graphics and characters attacks like Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3. Whereby you will feel like you are playing Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3. Friends, you can easily play this game because it's controls make help it to play smoothly. Friends, you will also find a control setting in this game so that you can go to the control setting and set combo attack in one button, so that you can run any attack by pressing only one button. Friends, you get four colors row of each characters in this game i.e. you choose four colors of any characters. Friends, as you know that only three colors were given in the old Dragon Ball Z Game, but this game has been modified so that you can play by selecting four colors of all the characters in it and due to four colors you get a lot of characters in this game.

This game is all rounder of all Dragon Ball Z series that means in this game you will find all the characters of Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super, Super Dragon Ball Heroes and Dragon Ball GT with all new BT3 attacks. Friends in this game, you get many options to play like Dragon Walker, 100 Battle, Survival, Free Battle mod and Training. Friends, Dragon walker is based original story of Dragon Ball Z. 100 battle is a team battel mod and every team has only 2 characters and 1 Senzu Bean, every team's two characters will have some similarities like a team of Majin Vegeta & Broly, Now the main thing is what similarities are in two characters that matches with each other so that is Broly calls Goku "Kakarot" and Majin Vegeta also calls Goku as "Kakarot" that's why they become a team and like this team every team has some similar things. Survival mod, this option's name tells everything about this, as you all know that survival means Making yourself alive among unlimited fights, problems and challenges but for few further information I would like to tell you that survival mod has maximum 100 fighters & each fighter will come by making a team of two fighters it means there are 50 rounds in survival mod with 50 teams to defeat.

What's The New Update in This Game

Friends, some new updates have been made in this game so that you can enjoy playing this game even more, so let's know a bit about it too.

New HQ Menu

Friends in this game, you get a New HQ Menu, though the friends menu, you can find out which is where the characters is on. But Friends don't have this permanent menu, you have to set it up, but you can go to the menu whenever you want, using Save Stage and Load Stage. Friends, a question here arises, how we will set up the menu. So let us also  tell you about it. So friends, I am going to tell you a few steps on how to set the menu, you can follow this and set the menu.
  1. First of all download the Menu file. link is given below.
  2. If the Menu file format is RAR and ZIP so you need to extract it. ( you can use RAR App for extract the menu file )
  3. Then open PSP emulator and go to psp tool setting and select developer tool and you will see two options named save new texture and replace texture. So friends check the save new texture option and uncheck the replace texture and play the game in which you want to set the menu and play for a while approx 5 minutes.
  4. Then friends, open your file manager and copy menu file which you have downloaded and open PSP folder and open texture folder delete already created files and paste menu file.
  5. Then open PSP emulator and select language America Latina and start play game. Then you can see menu is set.

I hope you understand.
DBZ TTT MOD iso + Menu

New Characters

Friends, many new characters have also been added to this game, with which you will enjoy playing very well, so let know about which of the new character in this game.
  • Goku Mastered Ultra Instinct with Silver Body and his original anime attack which was used in Tournament of Power.
  • Jiren Normal and full power form with new BT3 attacks.
  • Kefla new model with his original anime attack which was used against Goku Ultra Instinct.
  • DBS Broly new model with his original anime attack which was used in movie
  • Gogeta with his original anime attack which was used against Broly
  • Black Goku all forms new model
  • Grand priest Goku all transformations, Base to Mastered Ultra Instinct
  • New model of Godslayer Hearts with new attakcs and skills.

How To Download And Install

  1. First of all download PSP emulator form Playstore.
  2. Then Download ISO. ( Link is given below )
  3. If the file format is RAR, 7z and ZIP so you have to extract the file. ( You can use RAR app for extract the file )
  4. Then choose iso file in PSP emulator and start play.

Additional information
  • ISO Size:- 635
  • Menu Size:- 209
  • Android:- 5.1 to 8.0
  • RAM:- 3GB
  • Internal memory:- 16GB
  • Processor:- 1.3GHz

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  1. Dommage ,certains personnages ne sont pas jouable.Es-ce que vous régler ce problème.


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