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Dbz Game Power Warriors apk 10.5 For Android Download

Power Warriors mod apk
Power Warriors 10.5 Apk

Power Warriors 10.5 Apk

Hello friend, today I have brought for you a New Dragon Ball Z Pixel Fighting Game named Power Warriors Apk 10.5. This is new version of Power Warriors game, so if you want to know more information about this game please read this post completely.
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About Power Warriors Apk 10.5

Power Warriors apk is 2D pixel fighting game for Android. Power Warriors apk 10.5 released in November 2019. If you want to play DBZ Mugen Game for Android so you can play this game because this is Mugen style DBZ Game for Android. In this Power Warrior apk 10.5 given you updates of more new characters. In this 10.5 apk you will see 24 new characters as compared to Power Warriors 8.1 apk. In this 9.0 Update apk you will see new menu and new mission and new story lines. Friends, in this 9.0 apk you will see Characters new original attakcs.

Power Warriors Apk 10.0 Gameplay Features

Friends, here I am going explain some features of this game which you can play and enjoy. In this game you will see Arcade, Single Battel, Free Battel, Survival and Training. This all Gameplay Features is under in Mission Mod option and all new story lines available in Story Mod option. Friends, The Story Mod And Mission Mod option is previous option of this Game. So let's start know what a do in this all features.

Story Mod

There are so many new warriors are added within the game that will come in front of you in the story mod. Story mod now has more stages and fights as compared to version 8.1, but still you need coins to unlock the characters and it's good that you don't need to complete the story line because it's too hard than normal.

Mission Mod

Mission mod is a brother of Story Mod. The difference between these two are of a Different story. Mission mod has completely different storyline and actually it's all about a new storyline in which you can find kanba, broly and Gogeta type of new characters.

Goku Ssj5/Universe 2 God of Destruction

Goku super Saiyan five and universe 2 God of Destruction are the two new character of Power warriors 9.0. however it has more new characters so just keep reading to know about them all. Goku super Saiyan 5 has dragon attacks as his ultimate attack and universe 2 God of Destruction has a hakai attack as his ultimate and a god blast attacks as his special.

Goku Black all transformation

Goku Black is also a new character of power warriors 9.0 that has his all original transformation and also a non canon transformation of super Saiyan. This black Goku has a base, Super Saiyan and super Saiyan rose rose transformation as his ultimate form. Base Goku Black has a black coloured Kamehameha ha attack, ssj Goku Black has a yellow coloured Kamehameha ha and a yellow handsword attack as his final, goku black rose has pink coloured Kamehameha ha attack and a sword blast attack as his final move.

Vegeta SSBE

Vegeta SSBE means Super Saiyan blue Evolution which is the newest transformation of Vegeta during the tournament of power. This version has two types of Vegeta SSBE, First one is with clothes and second one if damaged clothes. Damaged clothes are a sign of a Vegeta that has been performed a self explosion attack. Vegeta SSBE with clothes has a self explosion attack as his ultimate and a final flash as his special.

If you are interested in this game then the Download link is given below.


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