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DBZ Game Super Dragon Ball Heroes Stick Warriors Apk For Android

Stick Warriors apk
Dragon Ball Z Game Stick Warriors Apk

Hello friends, today I have brought for you a New Dragon Ball Z Stick fighting game for Android. This game is the highest quality game ever among all of the other Dragon ball z stick fighting games. The game contains more fighting gameplay features as compared to other games. This game has Mejor options such as story mod, tournament mod, survival mod etc. this game has more attacks and moves and you can also change your character during the battle means you can choose more than one character for fight and you can call him just by tapping a button. The game has characters from dragon ball Z, Dragon ball heroes and also from Tekken. Yes Tekken too. So let's know all things about this game.

Game Features

  1. Dragon Ball Z Game
  2. Stick Warriors mod Apk
  3. Stick fighters game
  4. Dragon Ball Z Game Android

  • Story mod - story mod contains 36 stages to complete in which you have the opportunity to choose your favourite three characters and there are also three opponents. Each stages  will give you the coins after completing.
  • Versus - just like story mod, in versus mod you have the opportunity to choose you three favourite fighters and also you can choose your opponents to. It's basically like a team battle mod option. You can create a team of dragon ball Z and also Naruto's team as your opponent.

  • Survival - Survival Mod, as the name is already states about the Option. You have to fight and win untill the you got defeated by the opponents. This option is one of the best option to collect the coins faster and unlock all of the characters. The coins are the only way to unlock the characters even though you have completed the story mod but still you will not see any unlocked characters.
  • Tournament - Tournament mod has approximately more than fifty 50 characters there to fight with each others. Tournament mod gives you the highest coins after completing the entire rounds. You can choose your three favorite characters and there are more than 5 teams to fight with you.

About Characters

  • Dragon Ball Z - Goku and Vegeta Super saiyan blue, Goku and Vegeta Mastered Ultra Instinct, Jiren, Black Goku Rose, Trunks, Goku SSJ4, Gogeta SSJ4, Vegito Blue and Much More.
  • Dragon Ball Heroes - Kanba, Android 21, Gohanks, Young Gotenks, Zamasu.
  • Tekken - Jin, Kajuya, Heihachi Mishima.
  • Other Anime - Naruto, Luffy, Street Fighters

Note :- Play this game always Offline because in this game have so many Ads which can disturb you into game.

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