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New Dragon Ball Z Game Tap Battle Mod Beta Version

DBS tap battle mod
DBZ Tap Battle Mod Apk

Dragon Ball Z Game Tap Battle

Dragon Ball Z Tap Battle Game is 2D fighting And Combot Game for Android. This is mine Dragon Ball Z Game like Mugen and fighter Z. So friends, today I have brought for you a new Dragon Ball Z Game Tap Battle. Friends this is a modded Version 1.1 by SonGohan Z Play's. This tap battle mod released in July, 2019. Friends, in this Tap Battle Apk have so many new characters and new attakcs and effects. So if you want to know about more information about this game please read this post completely.
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What's The New in This Tap Battle Mod

Friends, see first image this is Menu of this Game. Friends, first I will tell you how many Gameplay Features are available in this Game. In this Game have only 3 important option which you can play and enjoy this Game. First Normal Vs Mod Second Multiplayer Mod and Third Training. So friends, I will explain only Multiplayer Mod because you have already know about Vs Mod and Training Mod.

Multiplayer Mod

Friends, Multiplayer option is very amazing feature of this Game. You can play this Game with your friends without any internet connection. You can play Multiplayer Mod with Bluetooth connection. Content with your friend Bluetooth with your Android phone and then you can play Multiplayer with your. Friend, with this option you can do more fun with this Game. You can do your favorite character battle with your friends and improve your fighting skills.

About Characters

In this Tap Battle Mod have added more new characters and New Menu. In this Game you will see all Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super all characters. This Tap Battle Mod is very cool because in this apk creator is added New Attakcs and New Power up effects. I know you will enjoying with this Game.
Friends, in this Tap Battle Mod have 28 Characters. Before modified in this Game have only 14 Characters. Now this very Good think about this Game.

  • New Goku Super Saiyan Blue with New Aura and Power up effect.
  • New Goku Mastered Ultra Instinct with New Aura, New Power up effect and Multiple Hand Attack.
  • Jiren New Aura with New Attakcs.
  • New Black Goku Super Saiyan Rose with Hand Sword and New Aura.
  • New DBS Movie Broly with New Aura and New Base Broly.
  • New DBS Gogeta Blue with New Aura and New Power up effects.
  • New Shallot for Dragon Ball Legends with New Aura effects.
  • New Beerus God of Destruction with New Attakcs.
  • New DBS Bardock and his wife with New Attakcs and New effects.
Additional Information
  • Android :- 5.1 to 8.0
  • RAM :- 1 GB to 4GB
  • Processor :- 1.3Ghz
  • Game Size :- 115 MB
  • Game Language :- Spanish

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