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New DBZ TTT Xenoverse - Legends Tenkaichi ISO Download

DBZ TTT Xenoverse + Legends ISO

This is a the newest mod version of Dragon ball Z Tenkaichi Tag team which contains Dragon ball Legends and Xenoverse Mixed graphics. This mod has Many Characters models that has Legends textures and few models are Xenoverse textures.

Game Features

  • New Goku SSJ3 Dragon - As you can see in the above image that how the dragon is shining. It's a dragon of Dragon ball Legends and also the super Saiyan 3 Goku is shining. The entire model of Goku in this game is meant to be looked like Dragon Ball Legends.
  • Goku ultimate Transformation - This mod has Goku's Ultimate transformation and the surprising things is that it's not MUI, on the contrary it's Super Saiyan 10. Super Saiyan 10 is a fan-made imaginary transformation. Goku ssj 10 uses a dark energy ball as his Special attacks and a Super Kamehameha as his Ultimate attack.
  • Fin Gogeta - Fin Gogeta is a Evil form of Gogeta which is actually not a transformation by Gogeta. It's a Controlled Gogeta by a Villain named Fin when he got control over gogeta then it's called fin Gogeta. Fin Gogeta Looks dark Purple. Fin Gogeta has all different attacks than normal Gogeta and his attack looks purple colored that made him look more Evil.
  • Oren Vegeta - Oren Vegeta is a Villain version Vegeta from Dragon Ball Heroes. Just like Fin Gogeta, Oren Vegeta is also actually not a transformation of Vegeta. Actually there is a villain named Oren, when he gets control over Vegeta then it's called Oren Vegeta.
  • Vegeta Full model Legends - this mod has Vegeta Full model( in which Vegeta Base, ssj, SSJ2, blue , god and SsbE are covered ) in Legends mod.
  • Story mod - However, the original story mod is not changeable but the characters in it are changeable so the characters are totally changed by the new Legends character models.
  • 100 battle mod - just like story, the characters in the 100 battle mods has changed by the new models but now the teams are not as perfect as before but still you can enjoy this option even more than before because of new attacks and characters.
Dragon ball heroes kanba Vs metal cooler golden
Kanba Full Power SSJ3

How to install

There are few easy things and steps that you must have and follow in order to install this game on your Android.
  • First and primary need is a PPSSPP emulator. Whether you have a PC, Android and a IOS but you must have PSP installed on your device.
  • Then Download this iso and Extract if needed ( means if the file format is Zip, 7Z or RAR )
  • You can use 7Zipper, Z archiver or RAR App to extract the files.
  • After extract, now open the file in the PSP and start play.
Note : the mod is completely crash free but by chance if it is crashing on tour device then Download the Awe PSP instead of PSP Gold and remember to off the fast memory unstable from the system settings of AWE PSP. Then your problem of Crash and Black screen will be solved.

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