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New Dragon Ball Z Game Anime War Tenkaichi Tag Team ISO Download

DBZ Anime War TTT Mod Download

DBZ TTT Anime War is a newest version of jump Force Tenkaichi team. It has many advantages and disadvantages as a jump Force mod. Firstly let me introduce this mod to you all. 
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About Game

DBZ TTT Anime War is about anime characters and their attacks. Apar from the dragon ball Z , This mod contains many characters from other animes and those characters have their comical attacks with perfect movesets.

Good things in this mod

  • As a jump Force mod, this mod doesn't requires a menu to run and work properly. You just have to download the ISO rather than Downloading iso + menu.
  • Lower Size than other jump Force mod. As we all know that most of the jump Force mod requires a menu which is also 400 MB in size but in case of this mod only iso is needed.
  • All perfect models for other anime characters. This mod has characters such as Naruto and Sasuke, Luffy and many more with the perfect textures, attacks and auras.
  • All characters are crash free means you wouldn't face any crashing problem while playing this mod.

Bad things in this mod

  • This mod doesn't requires a menu and due to this, the shine of the jump Force will not be seen in the mod.
  • Not all DBS characters are available in this mod because of other animes characters.

About characters

  • Luffy - Luffy is a one piece anime characters that had many forms like 1st gear to 4th gear. But this mod contains only the base Luffy and no other transformation are available in the game. Luffy has his original movesets with the long hand fighting styles and special attacks.
  • Heat blast - heat blast is an alien from the ben 10 Anime series that has the ability to shoot fire balls and blasts. In this mod there is prefect model for heat blast is ready to play with the fire related specials and ultimate attacks.

  • Naruto and Sasuke - these both characters are from the same anime and have almost similar abilities. This mod had these both characters with the perfect textures and attacks combination.
  • Madara Uchiha - Madara Uchiha is a villain of Naruto anime that has big hairs like super Saiyan 3 Goku. This mod has the perfect outfit of Madara Uchiha with his comical attacks.

Installation instructions:

  • Before Downloading this game, firstly ensure you have a Android phone with 2GB ram, 16GN ROM, 440 snapdragons, 5.0 version and good battery backup. This game takes so much battery to run that's why having a 4000 mAh battery is needed.
  • To install this game, firstly you need to download PSP emulator latest version from the Google playstore.
  • Now Download this iso.
  • Check the iso file format, if it's in the RAR or zip format then you need to extract it before play.
  • After extracting out the game, now you can start play the iso file with the psp emulator.

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