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DBZ Shinbudokai 2 New mod 2019 with all DBS characters

Hello Friends, an amazing mod of Dragon Ball Z Shin Budokai has been released today with many new characters and attacks with new auras and textures. Firstly I want to tell clear that this is a "Shinbudokai 2" of PSP which has been mod by the modders into the "Budokai 3" and it's still playable in the PSP without any chrashing and black Screen problems

DBZ Shinbudokai 2 Mod

About Shin Budokai 2 Mod

This game has three main options to play this game in a different way with different challenges and missions.
This is the newest version of Dragon Ball Z Game Shinbudokai 2 mods till now Jun, 2019 and it contains almost all new characters from the dragon ball super and heroes. It also contains some fan-made transformations which are highly overrated nowadays like God of Destruction Vegeta and Goku, super Saiyan 3 rose Goku Black, Goku GT Mastered ultra instinct etc.

New Story mod

However, It's almost impossible to change the whole story mod but the characters in it are changed by the fan-made transformations means instead of Raditz and any local characters you will see the god of destruction Goku and Vegeta. Remember that the way of story mod can't be change but it's heroes and villain are possible to change properly.

New Mission mod

Since the Mission mod only contains the fights rather than adventure, so I can say that Mission mod is possible to change properly and Mission mod have been changed by the new characters like Jiren, Mui Goku, Gogeta DBS and Broly etc. In every fight of Mission mod till the end you will see only the new canon, non - canon and fan-made characters with the new auras and possibly changed attacks.

About The characters

So as you can see in the above images that there are many new characters within the game. So let's know about them all.

God of Destruction Goku

The God of Destruction forms are nowadays getting viral on the internet because of the massive power of Beerus. However, this transformation is not real means not canon but it's the Strongest transformation of Goku ever imagined that's why now this transformation is given in this game. There are two god of destructions within the game, first is Goku and Second is Vegeta as shown in the above image.

Super Saiyan 3 Rose Transformation

In this mod Goku Black has ability to transform into the super Saiyan 3 rose that is also one of the most imaginable transformation after Goku Black arc.

How To Download And Install

  1. First Download PSP Emulator from Playstore.
  2. Then Download This Game. ( Link is given below )
  3. Then Install PSP Emulator and open. Then select this game in PSP emulator.
  4. Then your game is ready for play. If you see black screen. So go to psp system setting and select language America Latina and On Fast Memory unstable.

Click Here To Download


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