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Download Highly compress New DBZ TTT MOD BT3 ISO + Permanent Fix Menu

Hello guys, after a long time Finally a perfect mod of dragon ball z tenkaichi tag team has been released with the name Of dragon Ball Z TTT Heroes Tenkaichi. This mod is perfect because of it's completeness towards the models of the characters. So just keep reading to know all about this mod.
  1. Dbz Moro Vs goku DBZ TTT MOD
  2. DBZ all legendary Saiyans
  3. Gogeta Blue and Hearts DBZ
  4. Goku mastered ultra instinct Vs Jiren

About This DBZ PSP mod

Firstly I want to say that this mod is completely crash free means you will not face any crashing problem with any characters while playing this mod. Unlike other DBZ TTT Mods, it has a permanent menu and you don't have to download any extra files to have a menu for this iso. As you may know that most of the ISOs has a menu with a different file that you have to Download and set. But in case of this mod you don't have to even set the menu because the menu is already settled. This most has a easy navigation features so also the new gamers can understand this game easily. It has more new features that you would never seen in any other isos. It has 4 colors on every characters that means more new characters. In the Goku's four colors there are all versions of Goku, first is DBZ, second DBS, third is SDBH and last is xeno Goku.

ISO Features

For the new gamers I want to tell that during the gameplay you can perform two special and a ultimate attacks of every characters, you can block the attacks, you can do instant transmission, you can do firings, combos, flying, ki charge, ki blasts, transformations. Overall this game has all those features that a original anime DB characters has.

New HD Textures

Many peoples are there who doesn't like the textures of anime, DB Fighter Z, BT3 and Xenoverse 2 and they only want is Texture original. So this mod contains the original texting with the improved graphics such as colors and 3D parts of the Textures. The complete iso is in the HD texture and there are no anime, Xenoverse, fighter Z type of textures within the game.

New Villains characters

This mod contains all new villans characters from Super Dragon Ball Heroes with their unique auras and faces. Remember that this mod is all about Dragon Ball heroes series so there are no any new characters from the Dragon Ball super such as Moro but it contains the characters like Goku Mui, Gogeta blue, Broly from DBS, Vegeta SSBE etc. and all tournament of power characters.

New Storyline

Storyline has changed to Dragon Ball Heroes storyline. However, all of the mini characters in the storyline are the same as the original game. The changed are made in only the fights. Like if you will play the Raditz saga, then in the form of mini character there are no charges you will see but when you will start fight then you will see that instead of Raditz there is another powerful DB heroes character such as kanba, Goku GP, Jiren etc.

New Attacks

However, not all of the characters has new attacks because it takes so much time to Modders to make an full attack but some characters such as Goku Grand priest and Jiren etc. Has some new special attacks.

New 100 battle mod

Just like story mod, the 100 battle mod also has changed to DB heroes characters with the same way as story mod. However, the teams are not well combinationed yet but now there will always a new character to fight with you in 100 battle mod. Also the survival has changed into the DB heroes.

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