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Download New Anime Mugen Apk DBZ Vs Naruto for Android 2019 APK

Hello Friends,
Here is a new version of Naruto Vs bleach has been released this week and I am going to introduce everything about this update in this article, so just keep reading to download and know everything new about this version.
DBZ Mugen APK Download

About DBZ Vs Naruto Mugen APK

This Mugen game has two versions of APKs however, both versions have the same name but there is a big difference between their sizes and features. This one which I am going to introduce you, is a first version of this game that includes approximately only 40 characters and the second version of this game has over 150 characters with different different anime characters. However, the attacks are the same for both versions but second version has too much characters as compared to this one and that APK's size is 900 MB that is a too big size to download. That's why the updates are coming in the first and small version.

About Gameplay

There is a training within the game where you can learn all things about the gameplay but by revealing all things about this game I want to tell you that you can perform specials and ultimate attacks, guard, blocking techniques, instant transmission techniques during the gameplay. Every characters has two special attacks and one ultimate attack as his powerful moves that requires ki power to perform. Other than this, this game has two more types of gameplay that you can enjoy. So let me explore that three Gameplay types. First is:

Team Play

In the team play mod, you have the opportunity to play this game in two different ways. The first way is:
  • Team Arcade - In which you will choose Maximum three fighters to play and there are 10 rounds in the team play mod and by winning all ten rounds you will complete team arcade mod.
  • Team Vs CPU - just like Team arcade, in this option you can choose three fighters but unlike team arcade, this option has no rounds, this is just one time fighting Option with the computer. And one more thing that in this update the computer is insanely harder than before. If you are professional fighter of this game then it will give a perfect fight but if you are not then I suggest you to play this game in easy mod.

Single Play

Just like Team play, the single play also has the same two options.
  • Single arcade - in which you can choose only one character as it's a single play mod and then there are ten rounds to complete.
  • Single Vs CPU - this is a one Vs one fight battle mod for just one time.

New characters

There is only one new update that is Goku, the main characters of dragon ball anime. This apk includes only three dragon ball characters, first black Goku which is oldest characters in this game and second is Gohan Teen and third is DBZ Goku. DBZ Goku is the newest character of this game that has super spirit bomb as his ultimate attack, kaioken combo and Kamehameha ha as his special attacks.

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So friends, that is all information about this game and if you are interested in this game you can download this game just click on download link. [ You can also check More Mugen apk Games. ]

Click Below To Download 95 MB Mugen

Bleach Vs Naruto Mugen Apk 1GB


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