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Dragon Ball Fighter Z Android Tap Battle Mod With Fighter Z Menu

Dragon Ball Fighter Z Android

Hello Friends, Today I have brought amazing Dragon Ball Z Tap Battle Mod with Full Fighter Z Graphics. Fighter Z is PC game and you can not play in Android this game but you can play this fighter z APK mod in your Android esliye. Yes friends in this mod you will see all Characters with Fighter Z Style with new Moves and aura effects. You can see in screenshot.
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About Game

This is Dragon Ball Z Tap Battle game. Tap Battle is 2D Fighting Game. This is based on Anime Dragon Ball Z. This game developer is NAMCO BANDAI. Today I have show you DBZ Tap Battle mod. This Tap Battle is fully modified in Dragon Ball Fighter Z.

What's a New in This Tap Battle Mod

  • You will see new front page like Fighter Z Game.
  • New Menu of Battle selection.
  • New Characters selection Menu with Full Fighter Z Style.
  • All Characters Model is fully modified in Fighter Z Style.
  • New Aura and new Attakcs. Like a Hit time skip attack, Jiren eyes attack, Teen Gohan with Father Son Kamehame attack and Broly with Anime attack.
  • More New Characters like Fighter Z Style. Jiren, Hit, Broly, Vegito Blue, Xeno Goku SSJ4, Kid Goku and Android 21.
  • 23 Characters
  • New Fighter Z Style life bar.
  • Characters with Fighter Z Voice.
  • In battle begin added Fighter Z Voice.
  • New battle background like fighter z Style.
  • You can Do battle with your friends by using Multiplayer feature. This is fully offline and Multiplayer option is work via Bluetooth connection.

Additional Information

  • Game Name :- Fighter Z Tap Battle Mod
  • Game Size :- 200 MB
  • Offline :- Yes
  • Online :- No
  • Multiplayer Gameplay Feature :- Yes
  • Android :- 6.0
  • RAM :- 2GB
  • Internal :- 32GB
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