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Download New Dragon Ball Z Game The Super Warriors Mugen Apk For Android

Saiyan Warriors Mugen apk
The Super Warriors apk

About Game

The Super Saiyan Warriors Apk is 2D pixel Fighting and Adventure Game for Android. The graphics of this game is similar to games like Mugen. The characters in this game are looking like the king of fighters game. Unlike other Mugen style games of dragon ball z, this game has the texture with the full height of every characters. As you may know that most of the games of mugen have the mini pixalated characters. This game contains characters like Goku with his super Saiyan and super Saiyan blue transformation and Vegeta with his super Saiyan and SSB Evolution transformation. So these both are the main characters of this game and this game also has broly legendary, Android 18, Trunks SSJ, Piccolo, Tien, Raditz, Cell etc. This game has total 10 characters.

Gameplay Features

There are five options in this game to play this game with different different motives. So let me explore the first option.

Battle Mod 1 vs 1

In the battle mod there are two options.
  • First option is single player mod. In this option there are three bosses. You will have the opportunity to choose your boss to Fight. But before fighting with the boss you have defeat his soldiers one by one.
  • Second Option is Online Multiplayer mod. Unlike other multiplayer games, it doesn't need the WiFi connection to play multiplayer. You must have a Data connection to play this option. There are two options in the multiplayer mod. First is Random Player mod, in which you can fight with any random people world wide. Second is friend battle mod, in which you can find you friends to battle with.
Mugen Android apk
Mugen Apk Android

Survival mod

As the name already states. In the survival mod there are unlimited amount of opponents to fight with you. You may think that the characters is only 10 then how can there are unlimited amount of opponents in the survival. So that 10 Characters will come again and again. This is also the easiest way to collect the coins faster. So it can help you to have all the characters unlocked in the game.

Adventure mod

In the adventure mod, just go further and beat the enemies and every single opponent will give coins if you able to defeat him. Just like battle 1 vs 1 mod, adventure mod also has three bosses that will come at the end of the era. And you can choose you opponent to fight.

Tutorial mod

I suggest you to play this mod before playing any above-mentioned mods because it will teach you each moves of every character that how to play specials and ultimate, how to block attack, how to do firings, how to do counter attack etc. Overall you can learn about all movesets.

About Gameplay

During the gameplay you can do combo attacks, firings, special attacks and transformation. But remember that the firings and special attacks need ki powers and the transformation need potential powers which is shown as blue line bars in the game. To transform the characters you have to fight with hand to hand rather than fighting with firings. Then that blue line bars will fill with the energy and then you can do transformations. Also you can do beam struggles with special attacks but it's a little bit hard to win the beam struggles but it's the most awesome feature of this game because only the high graphic games like DB ultimate tenkaichi, DBZ budokai Tenkaichi 3, DBZ TTT etc. Has this feature. So these all things, you can do during the gameplay to make the fight insane.

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