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DBZ Power Warriors 9.0 APK For Android Updates

Hello Friends, today here I am telling you about new updates of DBZ game Power Warriors 9.0 apk. If you want to know about " what's the new in this power Warriors apk 9.0 so please read this post completely.

Power Warriors 9.0 Updates

Power Warriors is a 2D and pixelated graphics based dragon ball Z & super game for Android. Since the release, it contains over 100 characters and the game always gets update to the newest characters, attacks, moves, stories and transformation. So now it has reached his 9.0 version which includes few important updates which I am going to tell you all. So let's start with some characters updates.
Power Warriors mod apk
Power Warriors apk 9.0

New big updates

  • New Vegeta God - Recently it has been reveal by the official Creator that the new Vegeta super Saiyan god with his original red god ki blast attacks which was used on Broly In the dragon ball super Movie, is coming in the 9.0 version. Vegeta also uses a big red energy ball as his ultimate attack. 
  • Beerus God Of destruction - It's really a too good news that Beerus a true God of Destruction of DBS is also coming in the new Power Warriors 9.0 and the best thing is that Beerus has his Hakai attack that is enough to make anything into nothing. So the hakai attack is an ultimate attack of Beerus, but Beerus is not done just by this and of course he is a God. Apart from this He has one more attack that is his special attack, namely Big Energy Ball. The big energy ball of Beerus first was used on the earth on Battle Of Gods Movie of dragon ball super. In that movie, the energy ball of Beerus has however, handled by the Goku super Saiyan God that's why this attack of Beerus gains more attention from the peoples. So now you can play with this attack and hakai in the 9.0 version of Power Warriors.
  • New Mission mod - However, the Mission mod was added in the power Warriors 8.1 version but in the 9.0 version, the Mission mod will contain more levels and bosses. Mission mod is like another part of story mod that has the story of super Dragon Ball heroes series. However, it only gives the coins rather than unlocking the new characters like a real story mod.
  • Vegeta SSBE - there is also a possibility of Vegeta SSBE ( Super Saiyan Blue Evolution ) coming on the power Warriors 9.0. however it's not confirmed yet but spoiled by the creator himself. Vegeta SSBE will have the self explosion attack as Creator always gives the original attack to the characters.
  • New Stages in the Story mod - in the 9.0 version, there is also story mod DBS broly has been added within the game.

Bug fixes

  • There was a bug on the previous versions that if you are defeating a lot of character in the survival then the game was start hanging but now in the 9.0, this bug has been solved and you can defeat unlimited opponents in the survival gameplay. Survival mod is one & only Option to collect the coins faster so it's really a excellent update in 9.0.
So friends, it was all updates of new Power Warriors apk 9.0. I hope you understand all updates. This 9.0 apk is not released yet but  friends will release this apk us soon as I will give you a download link. Friends, you can also download power Warriors 8.1 apk this a last update of this game.
Power warriors apk 9.0 Download


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